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AA changed my return/inbound flight to CLT from Rome AND my CLT to Denver flight. Instead of having 2 hours and 50 minutes in CLT we now have 1 hour 20 minutes. Having read through other posts I see that this is of course possible. However, is it safe to assume that with this new reduced connection that there is VERY LITTLE time for eating, restroom, anything at all after a 11 hour flight? Using the restroom and eating are of course person decisions one makes, but obviously necessary after a 11 hour flight. Anyone have insight on this? Sound doable? I can change my flight to arrive in Dallas from Rome with a 2:20 connection. Anyone advise this flight instead of the CLT one? Thank you very much in advance.
Call AA and ask for the other flight. Because it was an involuntary schedule change they should give it you.
I booked the entire round-trip through Priceline because it was $800 each instead of $$$ thousands that AA wanted. I called Priceline to help me with this issue and they told me to call British Airlines (ticket issuer as we get to Rome via London on our outbound). British Airways said no to Priceline so Priceline said no to me. I decided to call AA because they are the ones operating both of our return flights and the airlines that decided to cut my layover in more than half. AA said, not our problem contact Priceline. Priceline said contact AA. AA said contact Priceline. etc etc etc. I ALWAYS try to book directly through the airlines. This trip was too cheap at $800 through Priceline. AA agent said, if I miss my connection in Charolette that they will get me on another flight free of charge. Gee, thanks. What a consolation price. So, at 1hr 20 min layover with checked bags, I can assume to miss the connection? LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!! Thanks AA!!
We have a flight Sept, 2017 from Montego Bay, connecting in Charlotte, going on to Chicago. We only have 1 hour and 15 mins once we land in Charlotte. Will that be enough time?
That is just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I purchased a September ticket flying into Charlotte from BWI on American, and transferring to my Paris flight on American. I had a 90 minute connection, tight, but doable IMO.

Yesterday, I got an email from American, with a change on my BWI/Charlotte flight, with a reduction in connection time to 60 minutes. Is that enough time? I am concerned both about catching the Paris flight and also baggage missing the flight.
Problem solved. I called AA and was told the connection is within the min allowable time of 50 min, and further that I will be just changing gates in the same terminal with no customs check (will be in Paris). I pointed out that AA had cut the connection time to the bare minimum, with no cushion for potential late arrival of my flight from BWI. I was put on hold while the agent contacted her supervisor, and re-booked on an earlier flight at no additional cost.
How do I get from gate E 32 to gate C 10 for my connecting flight
I'm flying in from St. Martin SXM to Charlotte. I only have a 1 hr layover. I have to clear customs then make it to the next flight on time. Is that possible? I will only have a carry on. No checked bags. What do you think? Please let me know. Thank you!
With no checked bags it isn't impossible, but it is still pretty risky.
i got 1hr 16mins to clear customs and recheck bags >_< when i return
When inbound from Aruba, will we need to go through U.S. Customs in Charlotte as well? I'm reading we'll go through U.S. Customs in Aruba prior to departure.
You read correctly. You will pre-clear US Immigration and customs in Aruba so your arrival in Charlotte will be like a domestic flight.
I am travelling from London to Louisville in late July via Charlotte. After clearing customs and immigration how far away is the baggage recheck desk. After an operation I will have limited use of my right arm.
The re-check desk is right after customs.
Sorry, my flights from DFW to CLT & CLT to YYZ are codes shares with Psa and Republic! Please help my shattered nerves. Thanks,
lizf (liz121gg)
That's fine. All you have to do in Charlotte is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Sounds easy, and I have been thru CLT before, but AA & AE are all over the 'map' and with code shares that does complicate it somewhat. By the time we're actually off the flight from DFW there could easily be only 10 mins left to get there. 15 or 20 if we're Really Lucky, and it will be well on into the evening.
Just received a notice that AA changed our flight. We were supposed to come in from Jamica to Houston but now we were diverted to CLT. Will we have enough time to clear customs and get to our connecting flight to Omaha in 90 minutes?
Yes, that is enough time if everything goes smoothly. Also, I suspect you mean Dallas, not Houston as AA does not have a hub in Houston.
Thank you very much and "yes" I do mean Dallas.
If I am arriving from Cozumel, Mexico on American Airlines and continuing on with a connecting flight with American Airlines to St. Louis, MO, will I have to claim my baggage or will it be directly transferred to my plane? Also, will an hour and 20 minutes be enough time to go through customs, etc.?
You will go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, then go through security and to your departure gate. You should have enough time if everything goes smoothly.