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Arriving at gate C26 at 1:50, leaving at 2:26 at E10. Please tell me I have time to make my connecting flight!!! Are there carts that will drive us to our terminal?
It's enough time if the first flight is on-time. The carts are for the handicapped.
How long does it take to get between C12 and D14? We have 52 min between connecting flights. Are there moving walkways?
Yes, that is plenty of time. Yes, Charlotte has moving walkways.
Arriving B5 6:29. Departimy E17 at 7:40. What is the average travel between gates. Also is there a non walking option?
You have plenty of time. No, you have to walk.
Thanks for the fast response. Much appreciated
How did you make walking from B to E in 50 minutes? I have a flight that I should have about the same amount of time between flights
I'm looking st a flight with an hour layover. If I take a carry on bag could I get thru customs and to my next flight in one hour?
Where are you coming from? Where are you going?
My arriving flight at C5 gets in at 8:17
Will I make my connection at gate E36 for a 8:39 flight??
That's extremely difficult, but not impossible if the first flight is on-time or preferably a little early.
Hi I will be arriving in the summer from Heathrow with a Connection to Orlando 90 mins later. Is this enough time to clear customs pick up bags for connecting flight?
That is enough time if everything goes smoothly.
we arrive from Orlando at 21.01 and depart 21.55 for LHR (london heathrow) is this enough time to transfer and do we collect our bags or are they transferred automatically...all AA flights :-{ldelim}
You don't have to do anything with your bags in Charlotte when leaving the US. You have just enough time if the flight from Orlando is on-time.
We'll be flying with a toddler on AA and will have 1hr 44min to transfer aircraft. Is this enough time?
If the flight into Charlotte is domestic, yes, that is enough time.
Arriving at CLT Terminal B at 1:58, with connecting flight from Terminal E at 2:40. Is that feasible?
Charlotte only has one terminal. B and E are concourses. You just have to walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have enough time if the first flight is on-time.
If I only have just over a hour in CTL arriving from SXM on an international flight and do not make it to my next flight? Will AA place me on another later flight availability permitting or will I be forced to buy another ticket?
If you miss your connection due to a delay then you will be rebooked free of charge on the next available flight to your destination as long as they are both on the same reservation.