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Have a 43 minute timespan (if all are on time) to go from gate E33 to gate B3, will I need assistance?
You should have enough time if everything goes smoothly, but only you know your capabilities.
Arrive in Charlotte at 825 on American. Connecting flight leaves at 9am. Will I have enough time?
Yes, that should be enough time.
From B13 to Concourse D
Yes, that is enough time.
I've been to Atlanta airport with connections and it's a hike to get onto the train/subway. Is the CLT just a walking airport or is there a people mover such as a underground train to get from terminal to terminal?
Charlotte only has one terminal. You walk and use moving walkways to get between all gates.
I have 35 min layover (if on time) from an American Flight transferring to Canada Air flight. Are the gates in the same terminal and close by, as 35 min doesn't seem like a lot of time to walk a long distant without running. Thanks!
There is no "Canada Air". Are you mistaking the type of aircraft "Canadair Regional Jet" for an airline? If both flights have AA flight numbers, then all you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. Charlotte only has one terminal.
I am arriving at gate C8 and need to get to E29 in 30 minutes. Is this realistic taking into consideration I’m at the back of the plane.
It's possible but it leaves no time to spare.
what's the walk time from far end of terminal B to E far end, and same info from C to E? we're elderly.
It's about the same
how much time should I allow to walk from Terminal B to Terminal E
Charlotte only has one terminal. B and E are concourses. It will take 15 minutes or so.
I am flying to Tennessee from Boston, lay over in Charlotte. My flight lands at 12:03 pm.
Given it normally take 20 minutes to get off the plane, and my connecting flight is at 1:14.
Part A: Does AA arrival and Departures use the same concourse?
Part B: Will I have enough time to get my connecting flight, how far apart are the gates?
AA uses every concourse in Charlotte except one. You have plenty of time. It may seem like forever, but it doesn't actually take 20 minutes to get off the plane.
Flight lands at gate c6 and connecting flight is at gate b12. Minimum time to make it if all flights are on time?
Thank you!
It will take less than 10 minutes to get between gates so 30 minute connection time is possible if the first flight is on-time.