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We are flying from PIT to Cancun through CLT with only one hour in between, would that be enough time and do we need to pick up our luggage and go through security. Both flights are using AA
All you have to do in Charlotte on your way to Cancun is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. There is no US Customs when exiting the US. You should have enough time.
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I am flying into charlotte douglas airport @ 6:30pm from jamaica Jan 1st. I will have 1 hour & 10 minutes to get thru customs/immigration to make my flight to Indianapolis, an hour enough time to get through security & customs/immegration??
thanks for any advise
That is 20 minutes below the minimum International->Domestic connection time. It's possible you will make it but it leaves very little time to spare. There is one later flight to IND from CLT if you miss your connection. You could call US Airways and ask to be rebooked on it or you could try the connection you have and if you miss it, hope there's empty seats on the later flight.
I'm flying from Caymans into CLT as my first connection thru AA but operated by US Air. Will have have to pay in the CLT airport to have my bags checked in again?
You won't have to pay a second checked bag fee in Charlotte.
We are transferring from a London-US international flight to a US domestic flight. Is 2.5hours adequate for US immigration, baggage collection and rechecking in, which I assume we will have to do? Any advice on making this as efficient as possible?
Yes, 2.5 hours should be plenty of time. CLT is a very simple airport, just follow the signs.
My concern isn't the "complication" of the airport, it's stuff like US immigration. Sometimes there are terrible delays, and the bags take a while....
Hello, I'm looking at booking a flight from London Heathrow to Kansas City International via Charlotte. The US Airways flight I'm looking at has a 2 hour, 11 minute layover. I was just wondering whether this would be a reasonable amount of time to go through immigration, customs etc? Thanks for your help!
Yes, that is a reasonable amount of time. Charlotte is not a large airport by International hub standards.
My parents both in their 80's Parkinson's and dementia have a 1 hour connection in CLT to Newark NJ. Past experiences have not been very good with the reliability of wheelchair and people movers. Do you think a 1hour connection is not enough time to catch their flight? They are not frequent travelers and need can we be sure they will be taken care of.
CLT is a fairly easy airport and they won't have to go through any security. But if you're worried book a longer connection.
I will be on a connectiing flight from Toronto - Charlotte - St. Martin. I have 1:15 in between. I will have checked baggage, do I have to get my luggage? Do I have to go through immigration again? Is 1:15 enough time?
No, you will go through US immigration in Toronto and will not have to claim your luggage in Charlotte or go through immigration there. All you will have to do is go from gate to gate. If your first flight is on-time you will have plenty of time.
in Gate E25 area of CLT airport on Sunday August 18. Call 330.256.5767
I found an IPAD on us air flight tonight it was left on board from a prior flight in the seat pocket and I noticed it during my flight it was in the seat pocket I am happy to return it to the owner it is password protected so I can not try and access the info to return to you. I have been trying to call APPLE but they can not help
I lost my IPAD on 8/1/13, and I think I left it on the plane. I was on flight 1979, Aircraft A320, seat 8D, and my flight was from Newark to CLT. My flight was at 1:14 p.m. and I arrived in Charlotte at 3:05 p.m. My IPAD is white, in a gray cover case. Serial # DMQHGHHTDKPH. I hope the one you found is mine.
I forgot to mention that it is an iPAD 2 wi-Fi 16 GB model. I just turned on the lost signal today (didn't know I could do it until now) and if it is mine, it will have my phone number for you to call.
I just realized that the iPAD may be dead at this point, so you may not be able to access my phone #. Please email me at and I'll give you my phone #.
For the person that posted finding an iPAD on 8/1/13, please let me know if you still have it, or, if someone has claimed it, as I'm hoping it's mine.