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My parents both in their 80's Parkinson's and dementia have a 1 hour connection in CLT to Newark NJ. Past experiences have not been very good with the reliability of wheelchair and people movers. Do you think a 1hour connection is not enough time to catch their flight? They are not frequent travelers and need can we be sure they will be taken care of.
CLT is a fairly easy airport and they won't have to go through any security. But if you're worried book a longer connection.
I will be on a connectiing flight from Toronto - Charlotte - St. Martin. I have 1:15 in between. I will have checked baggage, do I have to get my luggage? Do I have to go through immigration again? Is 1:15 enough time?
No, you will go through US immigration in Toronto and will not have to claim your luggage in Charlotte or go through immigration there. All you will have to do is go from gate to gate. If your first flight is on-time you will have plenty of time.
in Gate E25 area of CLT airport on Sunday August 18. Call 330.256.5767
I found an IPAD on us air flight tonight it was left on board from a prior flight in the seat pocket and I noticed it during my flight it was in the seat pocket I am happy to return it to the owner it is password protected so I can not try and access the info to return to you. I have been trying to call APPLE but they can not help
I lost my IPAD on 8/1/13, and I think I left it on the plane. I was on flight 1979, Aircraft A320, seat 8D, and my flight was from Newark to CLT. My flight was at 1:14 p.m. and I arrived in Charlotte at 3:05 p.m. My IPAD is white, in a gray cover case. Serial # DMQHGHHTDKPH. I hope the one you found is mine.
I forgot to mention that it is an iPAD 2 wi-Fi 16 GB model. I just turned on the lost signal today (didn't know I could do it until now) and if it is mine, it will have my phone number for you to call.
I just realized that the iPAD may be dead at this point, so you may not be able to access my phone #. Please email me at and I'll give you my phone #.
For the person that posted finding an iPAD on 8/1/13, please let me know if you still have it, or, if someone has claimed it, as I'm hoping it's mine.
maybe in with magazines call jeff at 803 791 3240
Flight 1229 Chicago to Charlotte. Phone fell and slid in landing. Was unable to find when we stopped. Need family photos on phone please!
Contact your airline's lost & found.
Lost Green Deposit zipper bag with, to my knowledge, IPOD inside along with reading glasses and a check. Bag size 12 inches by 7.5 inches in size. Generous reward if found and returned to me. Boarded Southwest aircraft on concourse A and I checked-in through Checkpoint C. My name is on the check. Lost article occurred on the morning of Wednesday, May 15, 2013. Thank you.
CLT Lost/Found rules: 1. For items lost onboard your aircraft or in the boarding area of the Terminal, contact your airline's lost & found department. 2. For items lost at the security checkpoint of CLT Airport, contact TSA Lost & Found at 704-916-2200 3. For items lost at all other areas of the Airport, call Lost & Found at 704-359-8765 or email; after 4 pm leave message indicating your name, phone number, e-mail address, date & location of item lost, description of item - including cell phone number, carrier & brand. (You may also want to altert your bank giving them that check number to monitor). Lost item will remain there for 90 days only. Note: if item was not found, you will not be notified.
Flight 1773 on May 24th seat 31B
contact your airline's Lst & Fnd!
#1505 from RSW to CLT 4/03 landed at 8:30pm in Charlotte
Seat 11B
Contact your airline's lost & Found.
Lost my camera on my way to Gate E on Monday, March Olympus SP 720UZ. Pictures are of a few family members and a villa I stayed at in Montego Bay, Iron Lakes.. several photos of family sitting on a sofa...and then photos of friends at the East of Eden Villa. If you find it, please contact me at, or I can describe the pictures and the camera. Serious responses only please...this was a gift and I would like to have it returned.
I suggest you call CLT's Lost & Found at 704-359-8765 or email; after 4 pm leave message indicating your name, phone number, e-mail address, date & location of item lost, description of item - including cell phone number, carrier & brand.