Parking Options at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport

Parking options at Cengdu Airport: 
1. Terminal 1 parking with 1,060 spaces is available in P1, with the closest parking row to the entrance is C5. The C  & D lots are to the right of Fountain Square, while the A & B lots are to the left of it.  Current Lot numbers include D1-D4, C1-C5, B1-B5 & A1-A4. The Exit is near B5.

2. Terminal 2 parking:  Presently only carparks B, C, D, & F are operational passenger carparks:
1.  Across from the terminal and connected to it are two barrier-free parking areas within Carpark C and Carpark B, which are on either side of the sight-seeing platform.  (Opposite of Carpark B is Carpark A used by tour buses).
2. Across from carparks C & B are Carpark E (under construction) and Carpark D.  South of those carparks are
3. Carpark G (to the right of exit road and under construction) and Carpark F (to the left of entrance road) intended for overnight stays, the center of G & F lead to the Airport exit.
Near the entrance to the right is a car-wash facility and Carpark D (both under construction), bordering on Carpark A.

Parking Rates at CTU Airport

P1, 2 (Small-sized Vehicle)
Description:All prices are in RMB
Rate: each add 30 mins 2
60 mins 4
1 day 96
P1 , 2 (Latge-sized Vehicle)
Description:All prices are in RMB
Rate: 1 day 96
60 mins 8
each add 30 mins 6

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