Parking Options at Traverse City Cherry Capital Airport

If you pick up a passenger at the Airport, you may want to use the free Cell Phone Parking area at the east end of the terminal curb on Airport Road, across from the employee parking area and the walkway to the terminal, marked by a yellow line . Stay with your car until your party has collected bags and calls you to be picked up at the curb.

Other Parking options at Cherry Capital Airport include The short-term parking lot right across from the passenger terminal  and the long-term parking lot right behind it.  When driving on South Airport Road, exit at left ; then continue in right lane to short-term,  and in left lane to long-term parking lots. 
(The rental car lot is to the left of the baggage claim & the bata Bus stop.)
Parking fees:
Short-term parking is $1.25 for each half hour, with a daily max. of $10.
Long-term parking is $2 for each hour, with a daily max of $6.75 and a weekly charge of $40.

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