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How is it that Home Run Inn Pizza had replaced 2 sandwich staples as Potbellies and MacD's. These restaurants were ALWAYS crowded. I just walked by HRI and both Term B locations did not have a single customer. Let the contract decision makers know this fact. What a disappointment. Another great management decision. Par for Illinois graft.
It's the same contract - the operator just didn't want to pay the Potbelly and McDonald's franchise fees anymore.
I'm taking SouthWest and flying in from Las Vegas going to Washington. I will land in Midway Airport at 11.40am and flying out at 1245pm. Could you recommend a place to pick up a quick lunch?

I flew into Midway on Sunday, Dec 4th 2016. I arrived and bought a chicken, egg and cheese bake from Pegasus at about 8:50 am. When I arrived home, I immediately began to feel ill and lay down. Soon afterwards, I suffered severe stomach pains, followed by violent vomiting and diarrhea. I had nothing to eat other than the sandwich from Pegasus.
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7:30am at Red Mango; one person working and a line so long that the wait was at least 20 minutes. It's the beginning of the day and they were already out of strawberries and raspberries. Very limited selection and dwindled fast. Great concept, good product , poorly managed.
What time does the skycap desk open in the morning at Midway?
Taylor Street Market has great salads
It is pitiful that there is not a real Chicago pizza place in this whole airport! I would grab a frozen one to go everytime I connect there if one existed!
This place is terrible. I actually gagged. The hard boiled egg was the consistency of a water chestnut. Please don't waste your money here!
The people that work at this cafe are the rudest individuals i have ever encountered in my life. There were 3 of them there this morning and it took 15 mins to get coffee and a bagel. The one lady informed my mother that the customer is not always right and that she should mind her attitude. I run a very successful bar here in Colorado and cannot for the life of me believe women like this get to keep their jobs when they treat paying customers so outrageously. One was talking about her date so loudly and obnoxiously a woman with a small child turned and left. Avoid this spot if you intend to eat without being treated like a bother rather than a PAYING customer!!!!
I definitely won't waste my time there then