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How long is it to get through security at MDW for an early flight on Wednesday 7:20am? I have heard up to 2 hours. Can this be correct?
It's not that bad anymore, especially with precheck. I would still try to be there at least 90 minutes early though.
Everyone waits in one line now to get to the precheck lane. It was backed up to the CTA entrance; precheck, first class, business class, coach, didn't matter, we all waited together.
my daughter and I are arriving to Midway on two different flights, one domestic and one international. Where should we plan to meet inside the terminal? Neither of us has ever been to Midway airport.
You could meet on the lower level near the door to the taxi area. The arrivals level is not large.
I have a 7:45 pm departure on Sunday Oct 30th for a domestic flight iwth no bags to check. How early do I need to arrive at the airport?
I would get there at about 6 PM.
I fly in early morning and am meeting some friends 4 hours later to take a cab into the city together. How can I make sure my luggage stays in baggage claim until I pick it up? If I pick it up after my flight, then I'll have to spend these hours in baggage claim waiting for them.
There's nothing you can do. If you wait a few hours it will either be still on the belt (although your flight will no longer be on the monitor, so you'll have to check all 8 belts) or in the airline baggage office. Why don't you just take the CTA Orange Line into town when you arrive? It's faster than a taxi anyway.
I'm trying to find out if I can get a train direct from Midway airport to South Bend. Is it possible?
There are no direct trains. You have to take the CTA Orange Line to downtown Chicago then walk to Millenium Station to take the South Shore Line to South Bend. However, there is direct bus service from Midway to South Bend -
I can not get any info please help. I am disabled, flying with my cat from Midway to McAllen Tx. I am flying alone and there is no one here to help me once I get to the airport with my luggage. Does Midway have a service for disabled people that helps them with getting the luggage to the check in ? Thank you for any info.
For wheelchair assistance you need to call your airline 24 hrs prior to departure, so that someone will be outside at curb helping you all the way to the gate. Also find out about their pet policy. If you can put your cat (in kennel) in front of your feet inside the plane - it would not cost you extra & would be more humane for the cat (you can also find airline info regarding wheelchairs and pets on your computer (www. airline 2. As to Terminal service, ask for the 'Purple Airplane Sticker from any Airport or Security staff -and trained Airport volunteers will be happy to assist you. Both the Garage & Economy parking have special parking spaces. The economy lot has a free shuttle bus with lift (tel. 1-773-838-0756.)
I travel with my service cat. You either need service animal requirements found on airline websites usually a vest or tag and service card or a letter in formation also found on airline website stating you need a comfort animal.
You need to get staff to the airport immediately and get people off of the planes. Have been travelling for hours. Unacceptable to leave them on runway now. Red alert evening.
Contact your airline. This is not the airline's website.
Nor is this Midway Airport's website.
I need information on requirements for the import of pet cats. So far, I am meeting the airlines requirements, such as transportation fees and the vet's health certificate, but I have not received a reply from Midway on further fees I may need to pay at the port of entry. I'd like to know if I have to pay for a health inspection,or an import permit. I am also concerned about whether my cats will be taken elsewhere for the inspection and if they'll be detained for days. Any help is welcomed.
There are no federal requirements for Cats -

and no state requirements -

Therefore you'll be fine as long as you meet the airline's requirements.
Thank you. Does that mean I won't be charged for any international animal health permits? I am particularly confused by the following information on the APHIS website- Do these fees not apply to me?
My daughter is stranded in Midway. Southwest employees could not even help her to find her way out. She will never fly alone again. What a horrible experience for a young woman traveling alone.
I lost my iPhone at midway airport on July 5 it is white. I desperately need it please send me an angel
Lost & Found at MDW: Lost & Found rules at Midway Airport:
1. If you lost an item near ticket counters, gate areas or on your airplane, contact your airline.
2. If you lost an item at the security checkpoint, contact TSA at 773498-1308.
3. If you lost an item in the parking facility, contact Standard Parking at 773-838-0753.
4. If you lost an item in the public areas of the terminal, contact the Chicago Police at 773-838-3003.