Parking Options at Chicago OHare Airport

If you need to pick up a passenger at Chicago O'Hare Airport, use the free Cell Phone Lot - which has been relocated from Economy Lot F to be closer to the passenger terminals - at west of Bessie Coleman Drive, and across from Lot  E.  Stay with your car until your party has arrived, collected luggage and calls you to be picked up at the curb.   Alternatively, you can also use the Short-Term Parking Lot D in front of the International Terminal 5 or one of the 'Main Lots' of Terminals 1, 2 & 3 at $2 for up to one hour.

- Lot F closed July 2015 - making way for the construction of the new Consoldiated Rental Car Facility CRCF, which will also house 2,600 parking spaces - which should now been completed. 
 - Due to ongoing construction of the ATS connector, the Kiss & Fly dropoff area in Economy Lot E will be closed and can only be accessed from the main entrance plaza along Bessie Coleman Drive. A 10-minute grace period at Lot 4 is available for passenger pickup.  It is suggested that you tune in to 'ParkNet' Radio AM 1630 for parking availability of parking spaces prior to departing to the Airport.

Other parking options at Chicago O’Hare Airport: 
    The so-called 'Main Parking Lot'
includes the 6-level Parking Garage (Lot A) and its outside Lots B & C behind it - surrounding domestic Terminals 1, 2 & 3 and offering hourly & daily parking options (hourly parking in the Garage is on level 1). Garage elevator centers 4, 5 & 6 are at right, 1, 2 & 3 at left. EV charging stations are on garage level 1 next to Bus/Shuttle Center entrance, at elevators 3 & 4.
    Short-Term parking Lot D is across from Terminal 5 and also provides 'meeters & greeters' parking for up to 3 hrs.
    Long-Term Economy Lots  E & G border at opposite sides on  Bessie Coleman Drive - Lot G requires a shuttle bus (at bus shelters) to the ATS Transit system in Lot E, where the ATS train serves all terminals. Allow at least 30 minutes for transfer time. Driving directions to the Lots: from I-190: Exit at Mannheim North; after 0.25 mile on Mannheim to Zemke Road, which is the stop light before Higgins Rd.
For current space availability & fees tune in to 1630 AM within 2.5 miles of O'Hare ).

Current Parking Facilities & Fees: 

- Valet Parking main at Parking Garage (Lot A) for Terminals
1, 2 & 3, with a short walk to your terminal & covered drop-off/ pick-up area--the dedicated exit lane into/ out of O'Hare saves valuable time.
Fees: 1-9 hours $26;  9-24 hrs. (daily max) $61; each subsequent hour at day is $4, reaching $20 by 5 hours, $36 by 9 hours; $61 for 9-24 subsequent hours. 
- Main Garage Lot A, level 1 - Hourly Parking.
Fees: first 10 mins free;  up to 1 hr $2; 2 hrs. $4; 3 hrs $4; 4 hrs $10; 5 hrs $30; 6 hrs 36, 7 hrs. $42; 8 hrs 49; 9 hrs 55; 9-24 hrs $60. 
- Main Garage levels 2-6, and oustisde Lots B & C - Daily Parking:
Fees:  first hour $2; Second hour $5; each hour thereafter an add'l $3, reaching by 7 hrs $20; by 9 hours $26; and 9-24 hrs (daily max) $40.
- International outdoor Lot D (short-term only) - adjacent to T5 :
Fees:  First hour $2, second hr $5, third hr $8; 4th hr $11, 5th hr $20, 4th hr $29; 7th hr $38; 8th hr $47; 9th hr $56.00; 9-24 hrs (daily max) $74.
- Economy Long-Term Parking at Lot E:
Fees: Each hour is $2; by 4 hours $8, 4-24 hrs( daily max) is $17.
- Economy Long-Term Parking at Lot G:
Fees: Each hour is $2; by 4 hours $8, 4-24 hrs. (daily max) $10

For more parking information call 773-686-7530 or e-mail  If intending to park more than 30 days - make arrangements in advance.

Chicago OHare (ORD) Airport Parking Map

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