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UA flight to Shannon, Ireland on Saturday at 6:05 PM. We have Global Entry. How early should we arrive. Thank you.
Is there a family restroom in terminal five?
We are checking bags and going to Toronto on a 6:20AM flight - What time do we need to get to the ORD?
You should be walking in the door by 4:50 AM
departing at 5:15 from Terminal 3 on Sunday. How much time is needed for security/checkin? What time should I arrive at ORD?
5:15 AM, BTW
Security opens at 3:15, so any time between 3:15 and 3:45 should be fine. Even close to 4 would be OK if you don't have to check bags.
Hi we fly out on June 10th at 710am on spirit what time should we arrive?
5-5:30 AM (closer to 5 if you have bags to check).
Arrival time for international flights ?
at least 2 hours before the flight.
I have a 5 AM flight out of ORD for Phoenix. If checking in bags, would arriving by 3:30 AM be enough time?

Yes, the security checkpoints don't open until 3:15, so at 3:30 the airport will still be pretty empty.
I am flying out of O'hare on a 7:15a Sunday domestic flight on american airlines, do you know what time curb side check in opens and what time do i would need to arrive ? Are all American flights out of terminal 3?
Curbside check in probably opens at about 5. Yes, all American Airlines flights depart from Terminal 3.
I'm flying with spirit on a 6am flight, not checking any bags, just myself, my sister, and our back packs. What time should we arrive at the airport?
4:30-4:45 should be OK.
We have a 7:15a Sunday flight on American Airlines and plan on using curbside check in what time should we arrive and what time does curbside check in open at terminal 3 for American
I would get there at about 5 AM.