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We have a 7a flight out of O'Hare on Monday on Spirit. We will be checking a couple of bags. How early should we arrive?
5 AM. I hope your kids are early risers.
Leaving ORD this Sunday, April 2, at 1:30 pm on American for a domestic flight. No checked bags - any guidance on how early? 1.5 hours ok? Thanks
Yes, that should be enough time.
We are first-time esta users travelling without checked baggage. Can we use the "1 Stop" facility to get through ORD please? We have 105mins. between int arrival and dom departure.
Yes, even first time ESTA users can use OneStop.
Thank you for your time and knowledge. Appreciated.
What time should I arrive at the airport for a United flight to Mexicao at 7;30 AM pn 3/25/17 out of terminal 1?
Before 6 AM if you can.
Thank you
Sorry, meant TPA not TPX. Finger slipped.
Party of 3 arriving from LHR with checked baggage at 1325hrs on BA/AA codeshare and have 1hr.45mins.to make connecting codeshare flight to TPX. Is this possible? If not, is it possible with hand luggage only? Thanks...
It is possible. Hand luggage only will make it easier.
Hello! I am flying out Wednesday at 6am with American Airlines for a domestic flight. I was wondering what time security opens and what time would be ok to get there. I was thinking 4:30.

It opens at 3:15. If you get there at 4:30, it will be open in all 3 domestic terminals.
Departing flight at 6 pm on Delta. Coming from LaGrange. Not checking baggage. How much time should I allow?
You can arrive at 4:30ish and be fine. Traffic shouldn't be THAT bad on a wednesday unless the weather is bad.
Flying on 3/14 at 850am. How earlier should I arrive with the issues of weather and ever unpredictable human factor?
I have a 11am flight to DC. One bag to check-in, what time do I need to be there? (Driving from Oak Park)
I would get there at about 9:30, so you could probably leave Oak park at about 8:45.