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My flight leaves at 715am on Sunday. What time should I arrive at airport?
Around 5 AM
i am leaving through United on Saturday, Sept 10 at about 7:30 am, and wondering what to expect as far as general wait times to get through TSA
Get there around 5 AM
I have a flight on Aer Lingus from terminal 5, from ORD to Dublin. Will I be able to check my bags and go through security all in Terminal 5?
If you're just flying from ORD to Dublin on Aer Lingus, yes, everything will be in Terminal 5.
Hi I m traveling Memphis to ORD via AA and then to terminal 5 Etihad airways to UAE
I have 3 big luggage bags and kids with me
My tickets are seperate both ways
What will be the best way to handle luggage plz
If you and your kids can't carry your bags, then I suggest checking a small foldable luggage cart in your bags.
Hi, I have a 6am domestic flight on AA on Monday, no check-in bags. What time should I aim to arrive at O'Hare?

A tad before 4 AM should be sufficient.
We have a 6:45 am flight on a Sunday morning. Checking bags but already checked in and have boarding passes Do we need to arrive two hours early?
Yes, 4:45-5 should be about right.
We have a late afternoon international flight on Monday. Haw early should we arrive the airport? We have bags to check.
2 hours before the flight should be sufficient.
I am flying on United from ORD to CUN. Will I need to go to the international terminal to check in and go through customs?
No, All United flights depart from Terminal 1. There is no US Customs when leaving the US. You just have to go to Terminal 1 and go through security.
Does TSA precheck work for US to intl flights or intl to US flights? What do frequent flyers use?? Thanks
Pre-check does not work at airports outside the US. It does work for international flights departing the US if the airline you are flying is a pre-check participant.
Flying from Calgary Canada to Chicago. I will pre clear us customs and immigration in Calgary, but arrival gate is in terminal 5. Will I havee to go thru customs again
No, you will not. No need to ask the same question twice.