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how long will it take me to walk from B gates to F gates for my connection from Knoxville to Vancouver, Canada? Will 55 minutes be enough if both flights are on-time?
I'm traveling from Madison, WI. to Phoenix AZ in Sept. I land in O'hare at 7:45am, and my flight to Phoenix takes off at 8:25. My concern is in two parts. 1) I'm guessing there's no way of finding out ahead of time how far the gates are apart from each other, and 2) the baggage from the first flight to the 2nd making it to the plane on time.

Anyone else have baggage under a plane that has had any issues making it to the 2nd flight with that short of a layover??
please guide me after arriving to ORD T5, how can I proceed to T3 to catch AA flight to OMA. I am over 70 yrs old and will be on wheelchair. Is the wheelchair service assist passenger to
immigration/customs and ATS train service to catch the connecting flight from AA gate.
I'm flying into O'Hare on a United flight and then need to transfer to Turkish Airlines for my international flight, is a two-hour layover long enough to make this on time?
I have a United domestic flight (SLC to ORD) change to a United international flight (ORD to Rome) and have 1 Hour and 10 minutes between flights? Is this sufficient? Do I have to go through security again to board an international flight? Thanks
I arrive in O'Hare from Heathrow May 28 at 10 AM on American Airlines AA 009. Will I need to get my bags and recheck them to go to my connection on American Airlines AA 3487 that leaves at 11:45? Is 1 hour and 45 minutes long enough to allow me to get to my connection?
Arriving American Airline Air bus from JAC. Have 1 hr 11 min to catch Envoy/Eagle flight to GSO Will I have to change terminals. Is this enough time?
I am flying UA from Syracuse to O'Hare with and hour stop in O'Hare then departing on United for VanCouver. Will I have enough time in between flights?
I have a flight departing from terminal 3, but I would like to use a lounge in terminals 1 or 2. Do I need to go through security again to change terminals, or can I just clear security at terminal 3 and then go to terminals 1 or 2 without going through security again?
I have a 40 min connection time for Skywest DBA United Express plane change -- do I have enough time to make this work?