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hello. I have a united express flight that ends at terminal one chicago o'hare. I then connect to an ANA flight in the same terminal. The connecting flight to tokyo changed their departure time and now I have only a 45 minute lay over / connection time. will that be enough time to make my flight if I only have a carry on. I'm a bit worried that's not enough time. Can enough shed any light? Thanks, Jess
Hi. We are flying from dublin to las vegas via chicago mid november. Arriving in T5 and departing from T1. We have a 2hour and 20minute layover. Just wondering is this enough time to get from 1 terminal to the other? Tickets already booked! Read conflicts views on it being enough time.
How much tiime needed to take inside terminal bus from AA domestic adrrival flight to take a terminal 5 international.outgoing flight? What would be the miimum time to allow (not the official advised time)?
If the bus works as advertised, you could make a T3 to T5 transfer in as little as 30 minutes if everything went perfectly, but I wouldn't book anything less than an hour.
Thanks for the advice.
Can I make itt from AA gate 3 to Qatar airlines flight at gate 5 in 90 minutes? I hear there is a bus now to travel without having to ho back through security.
Yes, there is now a bus inside security from Terminal 3 to Terminal 5. It's called the Terminal Transfer Bus -
So, you say yes to.the 90 minute window between gate3 and.gatr 5 via the bus?
Can I make itt from AA gate 3 to Qatar airlines flight at gate 5 in 90 minutes? I hear there is a bus now to travel without having to ho back through security.
Hello, arriving in Ord T5 (visa waiver program not Us citizen) carry on baggage only and departing from T3 domestic with 1,5 hour layover (staff ticket). Is enough?
What airlines? Will you be able to check in for your domestic flight ahead of time or will you have to go to the counter as a non-rev?
Good question: intercontinental flight with Sas n domestic flight UA (no idea if I can go straight to T3 UA gate with my non rev tkt. .. perhaps a staff desk at T3 or a kiosk at T3). As X policy the seat assignment will be at the gate after check-in closed
From my last check my UA flight leaves from T1
If you are a SAS employee you will probably have to get your DM card at the check in counter, but maybe you can get it at the kiosks now. Check the UA Zed instructions - they will probably tell you where you can check-in. This is still a pretty difficult connection.
Also remember that Chicago is where United is headquartered, so non-revving out of there can be harder than other United hubs. Where are you going?
Thanks a lot.. there are not such detailed info in Zed
Thanks a lot... there are not such detailed info 4 zed.. PHX or LAS ... To recap arrival at T5 immigration/customs go to ATS (upper floor) reach T1 'check-in' (either Ua desk at T5 or T1) go thru security and reach the gate... Need a lot of luck that day 😀
ORD-LAS is incredibly hard to get on as a nonrev. It's probably THE most desirable non-rev destination by employees and retirees in Chicago (all of which are ahead of you on the list). I would rethink this trip. PHX is a little easier, but still generally hard.
Thanks for your advice. I am an ex UA employee...but not so updated on transfer times btw terminals in ORD. So what do you think about my layover 1,5 T5 to T1?
I'm looking to book flights from Boston to Bozeman, MT for next summer on American using points. Unfortunately, the only flight they're offering through Chicago has a 35 minute connecting time! I was a travel agent for years and I would have NEVER booked a client through O'Hare on any connection under an hour. Is this even a legal connection? My only other options seem to be through DFW - not exactly an optimal routing.
It is a legal connection. All AA gates are in Terminal 3 and easily walkable within that time and O'Hare is much less delay-prone than it was years ago. However, obviously it leaves no time to spare if the flight from Boston IS delayed.
Flying into ORD on united and only 1 hour for our connection to CUN. Is this enough time, are we in the same terminal or do we have to goto International Terminal?
All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate, both in Terminal 1/2 (which are connected inside security).
Thank you!!!
SAS allowed us a 1 hr 49 min connection for a Terminal 1 flight to Wichita coming from Copenhagen booked through a Chicago travel agent. We didn't make it. After clearing Customs with our bags which were tagged ORD, we stopped at United's baggage re-check just out side of Customs and were advised the line was 40 min and we should head to Terminal 1 via train. We arrived about 2 minutes late at kiosk to get a Wichita tag then advised to proceed to the Additional Assistance line which didn't move. Consequently we missed our flight and were rebooked the next day costing us a $90 room.

We made no stops and used Global Entry which appears to have become no quicker than without. Where's the fault lie? SAS allowing too close a connection and not tagging our bag to Wichita. The travel agent. United unable to process bags just outside of Customs. Us. Something else???
Thank you
Yes, SAS should have tagged your bag through to Wichita in which case you could have just dropped it off in Terminal 5 and would not have had to go to the service desk. But yes, I recommend at least 2 hours for all International to domestic connections in Chicago, especially with checked bags.
Thanks ZAP. Next time we will make sure the agent tags our luggage correctly. And it seems SAS would recognize 2 hours is needed in their booking system.
90 minutes is the official minimum and 90 minutes is possible with no checked bags or even with checked bags at off hours. I think they should make the minimum 2 hours though because that's the real minimum if you have checked bags.
Thanks again. At this point, I think SAS should reimburse us for the ORD room cost for booking us with a 1 hr 49 min connection to begin with and then not tagging our luggage to our final destination which was via United, a fellow Star Alliance member. Do we have a claim and what are our chances of collecting?
No, you really don't have a claim. They might give you a voucher or miles if you complain.
Ok, will probably just let it go. Thank for help.
I am looking the following itinerary -LAX to ORD to Dublin. There is a 1 hr 16 minute layover in Chicago. Is that enough time?
I should have added all booked on one ticket as BA operated by AA
Yes, that is enough time. All you have to do in Chicago is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate both in Terminal 3.