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Wanted thoughts on connection times. United.
CLT-OMA Sat. 5/20 Arrive: Flight 4667 Depart: Flight 1821 Connection time: 59m

OMA-CLT Mon 5/22 Arrive: Flight 5556 Depart: Flight 3567 Connection time: 48m

What say you?
Yes, both of those are possible. All United gates in Chicago are connected inside security.
I booked flights from Edinburgh to Bozeman with about a 4 hour layover. Now united has changed my return flight (they don't run the direct flight to Bozeman at that time anymore apparently) and my flight from EDI lands at 2:35 and I've got a connecting flight to Denver at 4:13. Is there any hope of making this connection with re checking bags, immigration and security?
That is enough time but leaves very little to spare.
Hi! I'm flying in to O'Hare the 4th of August from Europe and am changing flights to another airline, domestic. How long do I need to get through security and get to terminal 1 and then go through security again? Is three hours enough? Thanks in advance
Yes, 3 hours should be just about enough time.
Flying from MSO to ORD with United Express (UA5279) then from ORD to Brussels with UA972. The reservation mentions a Terminal change. I have a 1h05 connection time. Can you help me find out the arrival & departure terminals - and confirm I'll have enough time? Thanks
You will arrive in Terminal 1 or 2 and depart from Terminal 1. 1 and 2 are connected inside security by a walkway. All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have enough time.
Thanks Zap
how long it take from terminal 1 to terminal 5
15-20 minutes plus the amount of time it takes to go through security in T5.
I need your help because my flight is delayed on united air line which well departure from Sioux falls to Chicago
That's on the edge of possible.
how long does it take to walk from terminal 1, gate b1 to terminal 2, gate f28?
About 10 minutes
I've already booked my ORD-WAW-ORD flight on LOT; it departs ORD at 9:25 pm. I can get to ORD via United at either 4:29 pm or at 8:09 pm. I'm resigned to the 4:29 arrival, but is the 8:09 pm arrival possible? Also, I will be flying to ORD out of the boonies, which means I will be fighting my way out from the boonies of Concourse B. Thanks in advance!
Yes, you need to arrive in the 4:29 flight if it's two separate reservations.
Thanks, ZAP, for the quick and accurate response! Even though I suspected what the answer would be, I appreciate it very much.

I have planned to arrive Chicago O'Hare via American Airlines(AA-3832) at terminal 3 at 14:04 .However my connecting flight is from Terminal 5 operated by Cathay-Pacific.(CX-807) at 15:35.Will I able to connect??.Assuming already checked in.
Yes, that is just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I am arriving at ORD from Dallas on United at 3:04pm I then have a connecting flight to London Heathrow which departs at 3:55pm - is 51mins enough time (I presume I don't need to claim and recheck my bags) and what terminals do I need to travel between?
You will probably not have enough time. You need to take the shuttle to a different terminal and go through Security again at the International terminal which is usually extremely crowded. We had 3 hours between our flights it took us well over 1 hour just to get through security. Good luck!
If both flights are on United then you do NOT have to change terminals, just walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have enough time. Ignore the above post.