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  • 50 minute Layover
    Jul 2, 2014
    Hi I am flying from Dublin to O'Hare then on to Seattle but I only have 50 minutes between the flights, am I likely to make the flight Seattle?


    What airlines are your flights on?


    Both flights are American Aurlines.


    Yes, that should be enough time. You will pre-clear US Immigration & Customs in Dublin, so your arrival into ORD will be like a domestic flight. You only have to go from your arrival gate to your departure gate which will both be in Terminal 3.


  • International transfer / Transit without USA Visa possible?
    Jun 26, 2014
    Dear, i am travelling from Paksitan to Toronto via Chicago o'Hare intl Airport. I dont have US Visa or transit Visa. Will i be required to pass through immigration for taking my flight for toronto? or my lugguage will be automatically placed on the next flight and i will just move to next flight gate? Thanks


    Yes, you will have to pass through US Immigration, claim your bags, and go through US Customs. You will then have to take the ATS Train from Terminal 5 where you arrive to your departure terminal (1,2, or 3). You need to either acquire a US transit visa or change your flights to ones that do not stop in the U.S.


    Yes, you will depart from Terminal 8. Yes, this should be enough time, even if you have to transfer bags between terminals yourself.


  • 45 Minute Layover. International Flight.
    Jun 16, 2014
    This is my first time flying and I didn't realize that 45 minutes was cutting it close. I am flying in from VA to O'hare at 8:50 I need to get on the next International flight to Mexico by 9:53. So a 45 minute layover. Will this be possible at all or should I just not stress and If I miss it I miss it. I am not familiar with the airport at all. I also will have my 2 year old with me.


  • Transfer between T5 and T3
    Jun 14, 2014
    Im flying AA FCO to BMI.. My question is I plan on buying a bottle of liquor at FCO at duty free for my sister.. I can buy it after security and bring it on the first flight but I have to go three security again at ORD for my connection flight but TSA only allows 3oz .. What am I to do ????


  • Europe to Canada to US Transfer
    Jun 13, 2014
    US Citizen. I am flying from Barcelona to Phoenix. Transferring through Toronto (YYZ) and then flying Air Canada to ORD. My layover in ORD is 1 hour before catching my Phoenix flight (United). Are there any customs procedures / baggage collection to go through in Chicago or will I simply proceed to the correct terminal / gate? Thanks in advance!


  • Terminal 3 to Terminal 5
    Jun 13, 2014
    What is the best way to make a connection from Terminal 3 a BA issues ticket with American to a BA ticket to London leaving from Terminal 5. I have two hours.


  • Will I have to collect and recheck bags?
    Jun 12, 2014
    Hi, I am flying on a BA ticketed flight (operated by AA) into t3 from Pittsburgh tomorrow afternoon, and then connecting into a BA operated flight from t5 through to london... Will I have to collect bags at t3 and recheck, and will I have to go through immigration at t3 ( I saw posted in another question something about a shuttle bus by BA?? How much time will this take (I have just over 2 hours)? Thanks


  • re-check in required?
    Jun 12, 2014
    I am flying from DUS (germany) to YYZ (Canada) with a 3 hour layover in Chicago. Will I need to re-check my baggage? If so, will the time be enough? (I am a European Union citizen and have obtained my esta)


  • Will a 45 min layover be enough time?
    Jun 17, 2014
    I'm flying in from Toronto to O'Hare and catching a connecting flight to Tokyo. The layover time is 45 minutes. Will that be enough? Do I have to pick up my luggage and go through immigration and all that jazz? Or will I be able to just walk from one plane to another?


    It will take 10-15 minutes. However, delays, especially on inbound domestic flights at JFK are very common, so it's good that you have some buffer.


    Thank you! I'll sleep easier tonight!


  • fastest way to gates in different terminals
    Jun 15, 2014


    You will arrive in Terminal B or C and depart from A or C. 1 hr 40 mins is barely enough if everything is running on time, which is rare at EWR. Luckily your flight to St. Louis is far more likely to be delayed than your inbound flight from Stockholm


  • Baggage
    Jun 7, 2014
    I'm flying from the UK to Fargo ND via ORD with AA do I have to claim my baggage? And then what terminal do I go to for our connecting flight?


  • 45 mins enough to change gates/concourses in T3?
    Jun 13, 2014
    I am flying from SFO to ORD and have 45 mins layover the before flying to Berlin TXL with Air Berlin at 3.25PM. Is it enough time and can I just walk from the arrival gate to the departure without going through immigration/security?


    Yes, you will have to go through US Immigration, claim your baggage, go through US Customs, and re-check your baggage with United. Then go through security and to your departure gate in Terminal C. You will have a tough time if there are any delays. Luckily United operates many flights from EWR to ORD that you can be rebooked on.


    Thanks that really helps.


  • 90mins transfer at O'Hare
    Jun 2, 2014
    Hi! I'll be arriving to ORD at 2:45pm (ANA 1012 arriving from Narita) and will need to catch a UNITED flight to Washington DC (IDA) at 4:15pm. Will I need to claim my baggage, go through security, change terminals, and then check-in again? Will the time be enough for me to go through all of these steps? I'm debating whether to just bring carry-on luggage so I don't need to worry about this short transfer time. Thank you very much!


  • Connecting at O'Hare - a few questions
    Jun 8, 2014
    My husband and I are traveling to San Antonio (SAT) on June 11 from Duluth, MN (DLH) and connecting at O'Hare, United Airlines. We have one hour.to connect to SAT. Are the gates close so we can make it ok? The flight #'s are 5292 and 3734. On the return we have a 4 hr layover at ORD to catch flight 5321 back home. I have a dear friend I would like to have dinner with at the airport if possible but she doesn't think we will have time and that we should stay in the gate area the entire time so as not to go thru security again. Any ideas or opinions? I don't see any gate or terminal info on my confirmation.


    Yes, you will clear US Immigration, claim your bags, clear customs, and re-check your bags with delta, then go through security again and back up to your departure gate all within the S Satellite. You should have enough time if your first flight is on-time.


    I am also on the same flight from ICN to SEA arriving at noon on Monday. I only have 1 hour and 20 minutes to make a connection to Atlanta. I don't know what terminal the SEA to ATL flight will be--are all the flights in the S terminal? Would I be able to make this connection?


    Virtually all Delta flights use the S Satellite. You should have enough time if your first flight is on-time. If you miss your connection, Delta flies several flights a day from Seattle to Atlanta.


  • Connection and baggage claim
    May 29, 2014
    My parents are flying from London tomorrow by British Airways and they have just 3hr connection time to Kansas City. They missed the connection flight at London today and were supposed to fly Lufthansa. Where will their checked-in bagge be held, at Lufthansa or British Airways? If Lufthansa, can it be transferred to BA0295 flight carousal when they arrive tomorrow? Thanks.


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