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  • connecting flight
    Feb 25, 2013
    I have a 46 min layover and the flight lands at Terminal 2. Departing flight departs from Terminal 3, no info on the gates yet. Is this enough time and how far apart are terminals 2 & 3?


    On arrival at ORD, at Terminal 2, you can take the ATS shuttle train, which runs every few minutes between Terminal 5 and domestic terminals 1, 2 & 3; however, you need to go through security check before proceeding to your connecting gate. Note that T3 has four concourses - G, H, K & L - all with corresponding gates. 46 mins. is very tight.


    DO NOT take the ATS train, you will have to go through security again if you do. You can instead simply walk from T2 to T3 beyond security. However, a T2 to T3 connection is very rare, considering that T2 is United Express, Air Canada, Delta, and US Airways, while T3 is American, Virgin America, JetBlue, WestJet, Air Choice One, and Spirit. Are you sure you need to connect from T2 to T3?


    Sorry I was wrong, it is a T2 to T1 connection. The airliner is United and I'm arriving from GRR and departing to SFO. You recommend to walk still and again will this be enough time?


    Yes. It is very easy to walk between T2 and T1. Also some GRR united express flights use terminal 1.


  • How long to clear immigration?
    Feb 22, 2013
    How long does it take at O"Hare from the time a plane lands (from Manchester) to clear immigration and walk out the arrival door?


    It depends on what runway you land on and how soon you're able to get off the aircraft, but usually somewhere between 20-50 minutes with I'd say about 35-40 being normal.


    Feb 21, 2013
    we are arriving at ohare on Flight:UA5322 from fort wayne indiana, we then need to connect to Flight: UA938 to london england....we have 40 minuites, can we make it ??


    It's possible but barely. Run. It will take 15 to 20 minutes to get from concourse F where your FWA flight will probably arrive into and Concourse C where most London flights depart from.


  • Are there lockers at O'Hare
    Feb 17, 2013
    Looking for lockers. Traveling from cold to warm and in need of a way to store coats until return.


    Lockers at ORD?? They just started to emerge from the Middle Ages, give them time.... Sure would make sense to have lockers in all airports of the snow belt!


  • Layover time
    Feb 13, 2013
    I have a one hour layover and will go from Terminal 1 to INternational Terminal 5. Is one hour enough time?


    It might be possible, are your flights on one ticket? The connection takes about half an hour and you have to go through security again in T5. I would try to have more time. It's definitely not enough time if you'll have to check in again with your international carrier in T5.


  • connection
    Feb 9, 2013
    i will fly from roanoke , VA by united airline on 04/10/13 to ord airport i think i will arrival to terminal 2 ,then i will connect to asiana airline at terminal 5 to korea, do i need recheck my bags or the united airline will transfer my bags to asiana airline and do i need to be go to tsa security again at the terminal 5?


    Asiana and United are both a Star Alliance members therefore your bags should be checked all the way through.


    If your flights were bought on the same reservation then United will transfer your bags to Asiana. Yes, you will have to go through security again in Terminal 5


  • good fast option.
    Feb 6, 2013
    look this doesn't hold a candle to la brioche doree in France however this is better than the average fast Airport fair. pizza quiche pastry sandwiches. lots of seating in back.


    Feb 6, 2013
    How long should it take to get to the Metra transfer station from terminal 1?


    Metra North Central's commuter trains stop at the O'Hare Transfer station, which connects to the Airport Transit System by a shuttle bus. At O'Hare Airport, the Pedestrian Tunnel Level connects with the other terminals, as well as with the Bus/Shuttle Center at Level 1. The Airport Transit Station (ATS) connects to the Airport Transit system, above the upper-level roadway. Can't tell you how much time you need.


    I'd budget about a half hour-45 minutes depending on how far your gate is and how long you have to wait for the shuttle bus.


  • 58 minuts connection time
    Feb 3, 2013
    Terminal 2 F12B to Terminal 1 B17,how to get it asap?


    Just follow the signs and walk. It's a 10 minute walk if you move briskly. You don't need to go through security again.


  • Guidence to proceed from termi 3to5
    Feb 2, 2013
    arriving in Terminol 3 from memphis. ihave to go terminol 5 to board air india flight to go to Hyderbad on 1stMar.Please guide way dirctions and suggestions. pl also advice regarding my checkin baggage to take and re checkin again, and my passport checking etc at chickago airport. plese explain in detail as.Iam in 70+age.


    On arrival at ORD, Terminal 3, head for the ATS train (follow signs) to Terminal 5 (with gates M8-M21), where you arrive at the departures level. You need to go through security check before proceeding to your connecting gate. NOTE: If the airline to ORD does not transfer your bags to Air India, you would need to claim your bag on arrival and take it on the train to Terminal 5, where you need to check it in with Air India before proceeding through security check & on to your gate. I suggest you open www.ifly.com/ord, then click on 'Terminal Map' under QUICK LINKS and scroll down to the detailed text.


  • acce from terminal 5 to terminal 3
    Jan 31, 2013
    I want to know any access and take how long to go for transit?


    On arrival at ORD, at Terminal 5, you need to go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in bag (the tag should indicate layover and final destination Airport Codes), then proceed up one level to the Airport Transit System (ATS) station and take the train to your connecting Terminal 3. The ATS train runs in the non-sterile part (post-security) of the terminals - requiring security check before proceeding to connecting gate. Terminal 3 has Concourse G (gates G1A-21 & on lower level G13-15); Concourse H has gates H1-18; Concourse K has gates K1-20 & Concourse L has gates L1-10. Watch the overhead screens on arrival at ORD for your connecting flight and gate number. For more information, open open www.ifly.com/ord then click on 'Terminal Map' under QUICK LINKS and scroll down to the detailed text.


    Getting from Terminal 5 to Terminal 3 via the ATS takes about 15 minutes from the time you leave baggage re-check/immigration at T5 to when you reach security at T3.


  • ORD B22A TO C16
    Jan 31, 2013
    I have 1 hr connection from B22A to C16 in ORD. 2 kids with 1 stroller. do I have to wait in the line to pass the security gate? is there any tunnel connecting the 2 terminals? thanks.


    At ORD, Terminal 1 has Concourse B with gates B1-22 and Concourse C with gates C1-32 - both Concourses are connected at their center by a walkway. No need to go through security check.


  • transfers - connections
    Jan 30, 2013
    I have a 45 minute connection coming in Terminal 1 going out Terminal 2. I can see by the map I could likely walk it easily between concourse B and terminal 2, but is there a shortcut from concourse C, if my plane comes in there?


    There is a bus that goes from a spot near around gate C9 to gate E-2 in Terminal 2. I've never taken it and it probably won't save you any time. But if you have a little time and don't like walking, you can try it.


  • lax to ord then to crw
    Jan 30, 2013
    I am going from Los Angeles thru O'hare to Charleston W.V on March 4th.What terminal do I land at(fl 263) and where do I pick up the connecting flight(6093) to W.V. seeing that I will have very little time?


    At ORD, you will arrive / depart from either of the domestic terminals T1 (with B & C gates),T2 (with E & F gates) or T3 with G, H, K & L gates. Your ticket and the overhead screens on arrival will indicate flight and gate number. The ATS shuttle train runs every few minutes between the terminals, but in the unsecured area (at connecting terminal you would need to go through security before proceeding to your gate.


    Since United Express is the only airline that flies to Charleston WV from Chicago, you are flying them. Your flight from LAX will arrive in Terminal 1 and your flight to Charleston will depart from terminal 1 or 2 (probably 2). Worst case scenario is about a 15 minute walk between your gates if you move briskly. You will not have to go through security again.


  • Terminal 5 to Terminal 1
    Jan 28, 2013
    Group of college students coming in from Heathrow on United connecting to domestic United flight out of Terminal 1. They have just over 90 minutes. Will that be enough time to go through customs, recheck their bags, and get to their Gate in Terminal 1? Terminal 5 Gate M16A > Terminal 1 Gate C24


    If their first flight is on time and they hurry, it's barely enough time. Customs can take anywhere between 10-30 mins. The transfer can take about 20 minutes between terminals, so that leaves 40-50 mins to go through security and get to their gate. Usually that's doable, but again, a little tight.


    On arrival at ORD and passing through passport check, picking up bags, go through customs clearance and re-check-in bags where indicated, (that can take anywhere from 30-50 mins!) you need to proceed oe level up the ATS train connecting to the domestic terminals 1, 2 & 3 (running every few mins). At T1, pass security check & then head for Concourse C (gates C1-32). Your time is sufficient.


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