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I am arriving from Orlando (UA272) at 11:10 am, and departing for Vancouver (UA 2008) at 12:20 pm. Both flights United, and both at Terminal 1. As bags will be checked through to Vancouver, is this enough time for the luggage to transfer?
Yes, that is plenty of time if the first flight is on-time.
I have A Flight From DFW to ORD 8:00 expect land 10:20 But i Have a Connexion To Abu Dhabi My FLight Is 13:05 is Possible??????
Yes, that should be enough time, especially if both flights are on the same reservation.
Arriving into ORD tomorrow 28/8, 1.25pm on BA295 at T5 and supposed to connect with AA to DTW from T3 on AA2286 at 3pm.
Same goes for leaving on 29/8, arriving from DTW on AA3066/BA5617 into T3 on 8.53pm and leaving with AA from T3 on AA98/BA1601 10.30pm to LHR again.

Is it likely for me to make both connections ? Have no Global, but normal ESTA, BA Silver Card for fast lane and also handluggage only.
Since you only have hand luggage you should have enough time for your connections.
I'm flying from Ottawa through Chicago to Japan with a 1 hour layover. Would I need to recheck my baggage and go through customs when I arrive in Chicago? My whole trip is on one itinerary through United Airlines
You pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Ottawa. All you have to do in Chicago on the way to Japan is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have enough time.
I am on a flight from SF to ORD that took off over a hour late getting into ORD close to my connecting flight. I am taking a stab that this will work. I am on the connecting flight from ORD to CMH at 9:39pm (this is the last flight out)! I have a life changing interview at 8:45am tomorrow which means I can not miss this flight or else I am going to miss out on the biggest opportunity for my career which i have worked very hard for to have it come to events out of my control. Can anyone please there contact this gate and ask if not beg them to hold this flight. I believe it is the last flight for everyone crew included since it gets in a like midnight. Praying that this works and anyone will see this and respond.
Nobody here can contact a gate. If you miss your connection you can rent a car and be in Columbus by morning easily.
Hi there. We are flying from Inverness, via Heathrow and Chicago, to San Francisco next March. We booked the whole journey on one ticket through British Airways and this includes a 1 hr 35 minute transfer window in Chicago (arriving in Terminal 5) to catch the 20:15 to San Francisco out of Terminal 3. I naively assumed when I booked that BA would only offer sensible and viable flight combinations, but now I'm concerned. They assure me this will be fine as it's within their "minimum viable transfer" time of 1 hr 25 mins. However given that we are travelling with 2 children and this will be our first time arriving in the USA on a visa waiver, I'm very concerned about the potential for delays at immigration. It will cost us £720 to rearrange our flights now, which would sting rather a lot. Can I have thoughts please?
At this point you pretty much have to just try it and hope for the best. If you miss your connection you will rebooked to San Francisco but the next flight there on American is probably not until morning. I agree that it is somewhat risky and everything will have to go perfectly for you to make it.
If I need wheelchair assistance between terminal 1 and terminal 5, will the attendant take me there?
Thank you.
If both flights are on the same reservation, yes.
My child and I will be travelling on United. We will be flying Bos-ORD-CUN, and in ORD we will need to get from concourse B to C in less than 1 hour. Do we need to go through the security for going between concourse B to C? Do we have enough time? I feel that 1 hour should be enough if we don't need to go through the security, but with security, I am a bit worried as I have young child with me.
That's plenty of time. You do not have to go through security. It will take you only about 10-15 minutes to get between your gates. (also you won't find out your exact gates and concourses in Terminal 1 until the day of your trip).
My husband and 2 year old daughter will be arriving in Chicago airport terminal 3 and will depart for international flight in terminal 5 and their ticket is booked separately so he need to get their luggage and bring into terminal 5 to check in again.. my concern is will my husband and daughter can bring the airport luggage cart from terminal 3 to terminal 5 taking the tram. I hope they will allow him to do it since he has a small child with him..
There's nobody guarding the tram doors preventing carts from getting in.
That sounds good..Thanks so much.. I am really worried for both of them..Coz i read before that carts cant be brought to the train..i hope they will consider it since my husband is travelling with a child.
Going from T3 (gate K11) to T1 (gate C25). Is it quicker to take the train or to walk?
By far faster to walk since you can walk inside security.