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In November looking at flying United from MSP. Arrive at ORD with 1 hr connection. Is 1 hour enough enough time to catch United flight out to MSY?
Yes, that is enough time. All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Thanks for your help!
I will be arriving, if on time from Toronto at 635pm terminal 2, connecting flight is at 730pm on terminal 1 to Sacramento. Will I have enough time to make it, especially needing to go through customs?
You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Toronto. All you have to do in Chicago is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have enough time.
I am travelling from Tokyo to Indy, and Chicago is the connecting flight, arriving Chicago at 2:45pm @ T5, and leaving to Indy 4:45pm @ T3, with required to checked luggage, should I have spare more time to choose connecting flight @ 6:30pm?
Additional info, ANA from Tokyo to Chicago, and American Airline from Chicago to Indy
Yes, the 4:45 flight is not enough time. Book the 6:30 flight.
Arriving into ORD from HNL with a connection onto YYZ. Is a 1hr 40 min layover enough time? Both flights are united, will I be able to get both tickets in HNL and will I need to collect checked bags?
Yes, that is enough time. You will be issued both boarding passes in HNL. All you have to do in Chicago is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Arriving domestic at 6:50 at Terminal 3 and have connecting flight terminal 5 on British Air at 8:35...enough time?
Yes, it's possible, Also British Airways operates a shuttle bus inside security (only for British Airways passengers) from Terminal 3 to Terminal 5.
Wow, that would be awesome. I researched a little more and I think we qualify since flying in on AA and headed to London on BA. What gate is shuttle?
The shuttle departs from gates G17 and K20.
Thanks Zap. You are very helpful. One last question (sorry, I'm a nervous traveller). Is this shuttle reliable or should I just ride transport to terminal 5 and go through security again? I'm a little anxious about getting to shuttle gate and being told it's not running and THEN trying to scramble...any suggestions?
I have 1 hr 37 min from landing at ORD to make connection to Austrian Air for Vienna Austria. Ticket is booked thru Carlson Wagonlit on United Airline numbers the entire trip. I can opt for a longer connection, but means shorter connection from Pasco to Denver (44 minutes). Will I make it? Do I change terminals?
Yes, you will arrive in Terminal 1 and have to take the ATS Train to Terminal 5 and go through security. You have just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Flying Edi - Ord - Sea tomorrow, arriving at 14:30 and departing 16:05. Is this enough time for a UK citizen to make the connection? Thinking about not checking luggage as the hand luggage capacity is more than enough for me, will that help?
Yes, not checking a bag will really help. I think you can do this if everything goes smoothly.
We have 1:45 hrs to get a connection to Vienna on Austrian Air after arriving at OHare from Cleveland on a United code share. (Friday in august) Do we have to go through security and is this enough time? We do not have Global pre-check; just TSA precheck.
Do the airlines ever wait if they know you are in the airport and on your way to the gate? Thank you
Yes, you will have to take the ATS Train to Terminal 5 and go through security. There is no Precheck in Terminal 5 since none of the airlines that use Terminal 5 are precheck participants. Austrian won't know if you are in the airport or not.
My mother is travelling to Mumbai, India from Raleigh,NC via Raleigh >ORD> Mumbai. I booked her tickets together with American Airlines and Etihad.
Her flight lands on Terminal 3 and the next connection is from terminal 5. Will she have to take the ATS and go through security again? I read somewhere that American airline sometimes offloads passengers at terminal 5 itself and then tows the empty plane to terminal 3. Can someone please confirm this? It's my mothers first international journey and she's quite nervous. Thanks
Yes, she will have to take the ATS Train to Terminal 5 and go through security. American only uses Terminal 5 for International arrivals, of which RDU is not one.
Thank you for your prompt reply!
Hello, I'm going from DAY to SLC, with connection in ORD. I'm flying AA. Is 35 minute enough time to make the connection? Thanks.
Yes, that is enough time. It clearly leaves no time to spare if the flight from Dayton is delayed.