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  • Flying from PEK to ORD, then ORD to DSM
    Jul 13, 2015
    I'll fly from PEK to DSM, transfer flight at ORD. Will I go through US customs @ PEK airport? Do I need to go through customs at ORD airport? I think I'll arrive in T5, how do I get to Terminal 1, my ticket is from United Airlines. Thanks!


    In Chicago you will arrive in Terminal 5, go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk immediately after, then take the ATS Train to T1 and go through security and to your departure gate.


  • Connecting domestic flight to Atlanta
    Jul 14, 2015
    Hi, I will be traveling to Chicago from Delhi through airindia next week. My flight will land at 07:25 AM at Chicago. My next connecting flight ,which is delta airways, is at 10 AM to Atlanta. I want to know whether i have to collect my bags and check-in again. If yes, then what is the procedure to do that?


    That should barely be enough time. You will arrive in Terminal 5, go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, then go up 2 levels and take the ATS Train with your bags to Terminal 2, then re-check your bags at the Delta check-in counter (you will have to pay a bag fee), then go through security and to your departure gate.


    Ohhh!!!! it sounds a little troublesome..dragging the bags to the next terminal is really a big problem..i thought that i would have to submit it to the transfer desk immediately after the customs clearance..is 2 and a half hrs time in between not sufficient??


    one more thing i wanted to ask..is there any porter service available at the airport to take my bags to the delta check-in counter?? that would be a big relief to me..


  • about connecting flights
    Jul 8, 2015
    i'm not sure this comment should be posted here but i have no experience with travelling alone (specifically flight transfers) and have no idea what i should do. basically i'm flying from montreal YUL to ORD and then to PVG, i'd like to know more about some stuff, ie: my arrival at ORD is at terminal 3 and my second flight departs from there, do i get off my plane and go straight to the gate or are there complications? same for my arrival at PVG, where do i head to after the landing?


    You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Montreal. In Chicago all you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. In Shanghai you will go through Chinese immigration, claim your bags, and go through customs. You will be shown where to go, it will be fairly obvious.


  • 1h20mts transfer time enough?
    Jul 3, 2015
    I'll be flying from AMS to SFO next week with a stop in ORD. My transfer time is 1h20mts. Arriving 12:55, leaving 14:15. I'm having doubts whether this will be enough transfer time. It's all booked in 1 ticket with United through a Dutch travel agency. I assume I need to clear my baggage? Can someone give me some advise on this? Many thanks!


    That is 10 minutes shorter than the recommended time. You will arrive in Terminal 5, go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the transfer desk, and take the ATS Train to Terminal 1 and go through security and to your departure gate. You can make it if your flight from AMS is on-time, but if you miss it United flies almost hourly flights from ORD to SFO that you can be rebooked on.


  • Terminal 1 to Terminal 3
    Jun 30, 2015
    Hi, I'm flying to South Korea later this year and was wondering if a 1hr and 40 mins layover time would be enough in ORD? My initial flight will arrive in Chicago around 10:55AM. From there, the connecting flight to Korea will start at 12:35PM. Will that be enough time for me to get from terminal 1 to terminal 3? And do I need to do the whole baggage claim during that layover time?


    What airlines are you flying? Did you purchase your tickets on one reservation or two separate reservations? Not many transfers require going from Terminal 1 to 3.


  • Time between Gates at O'Hare Terminal 3
    Jun 21, 2015
    I'm arriving at Gate L5 & have to board 30 minutes later on Gate G18. Will there be enough time to get there?


    Yes, it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to walk between those gates. Obviously it leaves no time to spare if the first flight is delayed.


  • Time between connecting flights
    Jun 23, 2015
    Hello, am traveling on July 18th to ORD on flight 4262. I have to connect with flight 3199 to ALO. Will I have time to get to my connecting flight? Can you tell me what terminals I will be at?


    If both flights are on American Eagle, they will both be in Terminal 3. You will arrive in concourse L or H and depart from concourse G. You have plenty of time. All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.


    FYI you could also depart from concourse H, it appears that the ALO flight frequently uses the low H gates. Still, plenty of time.


    Thank you so much!!


  • Waiting time after baggage claim
    Jun 18, 2015
    I will be arriving at ORD at 7 30 am, assuming immigration and baggage claim takes two hours i will exit the airport by 9 30. But my shuttle to purdue from terminal 5 leaves at 11 30. Is there some facility to wait for the two hours... Thanks in advance


    Immigration and baggage claim doesn't take 2 hours. There aren't many places to wait at O'Hare outside security.


  • Terminal connections
    May 29, 2015
    I'm flying from Kansas City to ORD on American which arrives on T3, then flying Aer Lingus which departs from T5, I understand I need to take the train over and I have 1 1/2 hours connection time, but I just realized that if I check baggage I'll have to recheck it and it's probably not enough time, would I also need to clear security again in T5?


    Yes, you will have to go through security again in T5 and yes, your connection time would make it difficult for you to transfer baggage, even if your AA flight is on-time.


  • Changing Airlines after Customs
    Jun 9, 2015
    Hi, I will be flying from Brussels to ORD and then changing airlines (separate ticket) to my final destination. Will I have to go out to general ticketing, recheck and go through security again or can I check into my next flight within security?


    You will arrive in Terminal 5, go through US Immigration, claim your bags and go through US Customs. You will then be outside security on the lower level of Terminal 5. Your next step depends on what airline you are taking for your next flight. What airline are you taking and where are you going? I hope you left at least 2.5 hours between flights.


    Thank you for your reply. I will be arriving on a Lufthansa flight but then taking a flight from ORD to Des Moines. I haven't purchased the leg ORD to DSM ticket yet, as I read that you can check-in/check luggage with American Airlines or United (?) without having to go to general ticketing, rather than they can get your bags checked and you checked in just after customs. Does this ring true?


    The desk in Terminal 5 is generally only able to accept bags that are already tagged to their final destination. If you book your ticket to DSM on United you may be able to show your confirmation to the Lufthansa agent at your origin and have your bag tagged through to DSM. They would likely not do this if you buy an AA flight to DSM. If your bags aren't tagged to DSM you will have to take them with you to your departure terminal to have them tagged to DSM and pay a checked bag fee.


  • 35 minute layover - is this enough time
    Apr 29, 2015
    I am flying from San Diego to Toledo on American Airlines and have a 35 min layover at O'Hare. does anybody know if the connecting flights will be in the same terminal and if 35 minutes is enough time for me to catch the next plane?


    Yes, both flights will be in Terminal 3, all you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. if your first flight is on-time you should have enough time.


  • Time Crunch!
    Apr 24, 2015
    When My tickets (my own and 3 children) were purchased I had a 57min connection time in Chicago on my return from Boston to Calgary, Alberta. However, as the trip approaches that has been changed to 28 minutes! I am not an experienced traveler and my children have never travelled. What do I do? And How do we make our connection in time? TIA,


    It's possible but it depends on your flight being on-time or preferably early. Since it was an involuntary schedule change, you can contact your airline or travel agent and request an earlier flight from Boston.


  • connecting to domestic flight from international flight
    Apr 18, 2015
    My daughter is flying home from London next week and will land at OHare, change to a domestic flight, and then to Inidianapolis. My question is what does she do with her luggage once she clears customs? Does she need to recheck it and if so, where? It looks like she will need to take a shuttle from terminal five to her domestic flight terminal, is that also true? Both flights, international and domestic are booked on one ticket. Really looking for info about ALL the steps she will have to do. Thanks!


    What airlines is she flying? She will be able to re-check her baggage at the transfer desk in Terminal 5. Terminals 1-3 are connected to Terminal 5 by the ATS train.


  • Flight connection
    Apr 1, 2015
    Girlfriend coming thru Chicago connecting to Fargo, 1 hour 41 minute layover, she is not U.S. citizen but has visa, flight is a Friday around 630pm is this enough time, says 4 hours 16 minutes Cabo to ohare that seems to long?


    Am I interpreting correct that she is flying Cabo San Lucas to O'Hare then to Fargo? 4 hrs 16 minutes is about the correct length for an SJD-ORD flight. 1 hr 41 minutes is sufficient for the connection. She will arrive in Terminal 5, go through US Immigration, claim her bags, go through US Customs, then re-check her bags at the transfer desk, then if she is flying AA to Fargo, will take the ATS Train to Terminal 3. If she is flying United Express to Fargo she needs to check the monitors. If her departure gate is in Concourse B or C she needs to go to Terminal 1, if it's E or F she needs to go to Terminal 2. Then she will go through security and to her gate.


    Yes cabo Chicago then fargo, It is american eagle to Fargo, I just flew cabo to Minneapolis and was only 3 and half hours that's why I question the 4 hours 16 minutes.. Thanks


    4 hrs 16 minutes includes taxi time as well as a certain amount of "buffer" time so that the flight can arrive on-time even if it leaves a bit late.


  • 1hr 25mins Layover - Not Sure if Sufficient
    Mar 31, 2015
    I am flying from Toronto (YYZ) to Tokyo-Narita (NAR) via ORD. Flight from YYZ on American Eagle lands at ORD at 11h10 and my connecting flight to NAR on Japan Airlines leaves ORD at 12h35. Booked on one ticket. Will have husband and parents on the trip, and they walk slower than I do. Will the timing be sufficient to get from one gate to the other? Also, will we need to pick up and re-check bags on the way? I believe we may need to transfer terminals, though. Thank you kindly!


    You have enough time. You will not have to claim your baggage or change terminals. You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Toronto. All you have to do in Chicago is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate, both in Terminal 3.


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