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Is there a rail service between Concourse A
Is there a rail service between Concourse A
Looking at booking flights. WIll I have enough time.

Flight DL 3389 arriving at 8:54am
Flight DL 803 departing at 9:45am

Can't be late. This is for work.
Yes, that should be enough time as long as the first flight is on-time. All you have to do in CVG is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate, all on the same concourse.
connecting,CVG international arriving delta 15h35 flight depart 16:05.
Is there too little time to make the connecting
Please clarify your itinerary, is he flying into Cincinnati from somewhere else at 1535 and then onto Paris or is he flying into Cincinnati at 1535 from Paris?
Thanks for the question. That is a tight connection time but he should be able to make it.
Connecting in CVG. Arriving Delta at 8:54 am; Connecting Delta flight departs 9:30 am. Delta set the schedule, but I'm worried about missing the connecting flight, which is one of three for the trip. Is there too little time to make the connecting flight?
You will need to be quick but should have enough time. Answer is dependent on on-time schedules.
Is a 45 minute layover enough in CVG? I'd fly Delta, arriving from Nashville and departing for Grand Rapids at approx 6:30pm. It will be Thanksgiving weekend. Thanks!
Yes. That should be plenty of time. Thank You.
All the Delta/Delta Connection flights at CVG are on the same concourse should be fine with 45 minutes. CVG is a hub for Delta Connection.
Even at rush hours you can transfer at CVG quickly from your parking space to your gate.
CVG is a an easy airport to connect through and I find TSA more efficient than in other airports.