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On July 7, 3 of us need to quickly connect from Flight DL 9535 that arrives from Amsterdam at 8:50 to Flight DX 36 to Bornholm that leaves at 9:40. Can you give us the gate numbers so that we can plan where we have to go? We don't have any checked luggage.
I forgot the Apple Mac Pro to Copenhagen Airport on Wednesday 22.03 between 14.00-16.30.
On 12 february 2016, I left my iphone 7 black mat color, with a grey cover on a chair in front of the gate of the plane, I was sitting on the chair waiting for my flight from Copenhagen to Paris. Did anyone see it? Or found it?
I lost my white mini ipad in a pink leather cover on thr 25/12 at the t2 secutity check of Cphg airport
Lost rado mens watch shiny black on December 4th at CPH airport
DO we need to collect our luggage? Do we have to go through customs & immigration?
If both flights are on the same reservation you just have to go through passport control and to your departure gate.
I might have left my IPhone SE in the SAS lounge at Terminal 3 around 7am on September 7. It is in a transparent cover. Would highly appreciate it if it can be returned to me.
I am flying into Cph from London on sad and have to claim my luggage before flying on Swiss air as it is on a deprecate ticket. I am a us citizen and have a 2 hour connection. Is that enough time and do I have to go through passport control . Do I have to go through
Lost my favourite plane beige scarf somewhere on F gates hall or on the way there...
My husband and I are flying into CPH for a day before flying onward to the UAE. He is a US green card holder and I am a US citizen. I plan on leaving the airport to visit a friend while he stays in the airport because he does not have a visa. However, we are now concerned that since our incoming flight arrives from Terminal 3 and our outbound flight departs from Terminal 2, he may have to pass through immigration between these two terminals. Can he get from Terminal 3 to Terminal 2 without passing through immigration? Also let me add that these are two unrelated flights. I will have to collect our checked baggage and recheck them for us while he remains in the airport. Thank you for your help.
Terminals 2 and 3 share a common airside so he should be able to make the transfer without going through passport control. However, since he is on two separate itineraries, the first airline may not allow him to board the flight to Copenhagen without a valid Schengen Visa. I suggest applying for a Schengen Transit Visa.
Thank you ZAP for your you happen to know if the Schengen Transit Visa requires biometrics as the other types of visas do?
You'd have to ask the Danish embassy or consulate. If his country doesn't offer biometric passports I can't see how they could require it, but I don't know for sure.