The public Taravella Airport bus departs Bajas Blancas Airport terminal frequently and gets you into the city at reasonable cost. Payment is by ‘copselas’ (tokens):
    Bus Line 394: Route - Ezeiza Hospital - J. Newbery Road - Post Office Headquarters - Monte Grande Railroad Station
    Bus Line 4: to Caminiode Cintura (southern belt road).
    Bus Line 25 takes the following route:
Monsignor Pablo Cabrera Avenue and the Airport Entry - Airport Terminal - Universidad Siglo 21 Entry - Av Monsignor Pablo Cabrera (Final Circle Route) Av Monsignor Pablo Cabrera - Drumond- Talavera de Madrid - Manuel Oribe- Grenon- Magallanes- Zarate- Saavedra- V. castillo- Colombres- Brandsen- Av Castro Barros – Santa Fe – Av Colón – Olmos – Boulevard Guzmán- Juan Domingo Perón- Bajada Pucará – Revolución de Mayo – Madrid – O´higgins – Camino San Carlos - up to Km 4.5.
    Bus Line D20 links the airport with the University Campus, in the city center. Both services run every 15 minutes during peak hours, every half hour at other times.

 - The City Bus Terminal is at f Boulevard Illía / Boulevard Perón intersetion, near the Río Suquía. Direct connections are available to larger cities and tourist centers (except for  Ushuaia needing a transfer in Río Gallegos).
 - While trains to Buenos Aires  (via Villa aria & Rosario) run only twice a week and take over 5 hrs due to deteriiorated rails. However, a daily train is available to Villa Maria.

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