Dakar Sedar Senghor (DKR) Airport

Dakar Sedar Senghor DKR Airport Overview

Dakar Leopold Sedar Senghor International Airport DKR is located near the town of Yoff, and 11 km northwest of Dakar, the capital city of Senegal, at Cape Verde, northwest Africa's most western point on the Atlantic Ocean. 

DKR Airport is accessible by motorway N1 north (exit 'Route de l'Aeroport'), and by taking the west exit of Route de l'Aeroport.

With two runways and  yearly about 1.6 million passengers, Dakar Senghor Airport is served by a large number of African, Middle East, and some European airlines. The Airport also serves as connecting airport to the Canary Islands.

The on-Airport Hotel Sogepres (tel. 820-60-60) is right in side the passenger terminal's level 1, with 15 air-conditioned rooms.

Dakar Senghor Airport has one passenger terminal, which is currently undergoing serious renovation work.  Note, however, that even though facilities at the airport are better than in most West African airports (they include a tourist help desk, a bank branch, currency exchange,  ATM machine, a business center, post office, rental car desks, food & drink, and duty-free shop, 'Le Salon Prestige' lounge, free carts, & porters in Sogerpres uniform), common sense and caution is strongly advised:

NOTE:  As thefts at the airport are common occurrences, passengers are urged to keep ID, money and credit card on their person--not in their bags, not even in a carry-on! Valuables like expensive gifts should go into the carry-on luggage, and baby wipes can double as toilet paper.
Be aware that if you transfer to another plane, the transfer is outside the terminal, where you are met by a horde of so-called porters who want to part with your money, and there are no security officers around. Only use a 'Sogerpres'-uniformed porter!

Helpful hints from a recent traveler:
1. When getting off the airplane, have flight & passport number & local address ready; show passport when getting onto the bus to the terminal. Inside the terminal proceed to the counter to the right and complete customs, entry & arrival form; continue through passport control to baggage claim. Service of porters is optional.
2. Get your luggage & go through inspection and then leave the terminal. Now comes the hard part.
3. You will be overwhelmed by people who want to buy your currency. Hold on to your baggage and first try to simply decline by saying 'no, merci'. If that does not work, use a stronger 'Deh-det, why! By-eel ko!' - meaning leave me alone!. If you are still being harrassed, say in a loud voice 'My-ma soo-ma jahm! A-na sa ta-ran-ga why!' - meaning leave me in peace, where is your hospitality?'  This will ususally do the trick, as this causes embarrassment.
If you need a ride, pick a friendly driver with a decent cab, give him the name of the hotel and discuss fare before getting in. Fares to downtown should not exceed CFA 10,000, at the most.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: While access to the old Senghor Airport's site has been blocked since early January 2015, the new Dakar Blise Diagne International Airport DKR replacing it has been completed, but is not yet officially open* - according to Fraport AG, which also stated that  'after commissoning, the Fraport subsidiary Daport S.A will operate the airport for 22 years'. (Blise Diagne will  use Senhor's airport Code DKR). 
Blise Diagne Airport  - located about 40 km east of Dakar (a city of 5M inhabitants) - in the administrative region of Thies, at N'Diass village - is named after the first black African, elected to France's parliament in 1914.
    The new Diagne Airport is to accommodate 3.5 million passengers and will be owned 45/55 percent shares between the State of Senegal & a Senegalese investment corsortium. With the new Airport in place, acccess to the remainder of the country will be enhanced, attract more tourists, make the airppot safer, and eliminate hazards associated with large urban areas.
  A news aticle publiched in Dec. 2014 revealed that a 60-km express train network is to link Dakar with the new Airport - to be completed 'before year-end 2015, to coincide with the inauguration of the new Aiport'.

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