Parking Options at Dallas Fort Worth Airport

At present, DFW airport does not have a cell phone lot.

The International Parkway runs through the center of the terminal & Parking facilities - between North & South Airfield Drives - and is separated by two lanes running in opposite directions:
From State Roads 360 & 183,  the first parking facility is the Remote South lot, close to (crossroad)  South Airfield Drive, followed by Terminal /Garages E, C & A.
    From State Road 121, Road 114 & I-635, passing North Airfield Drive, there is the Remote North Lot, followed by Express North Lot, Terminals/ Garages  B &  D, and Express South Lot.

Parking options & Fees at DFW International Airport
    Parking Garages A through E for each of the 5 terminals (with TollTag* and free Terminal Link van shuttles between terminals) with optional valet parking:
Fees: First 8 mins $4;  8 - 30 mins  $2; 30 mins -2 hrs $3; 2-4 hrs $9; 4-6 hrs.$10; 6-24 hrs $22/day /with TollTag $22
   Valet parking: no reservations needed, drop off car at any Valet Parking stand in the one-hour zones at Terminals A-E, and at Terminal D at departure level curbside. For reservation (providing scan & go service at departure) call 972-574-2407.
Fees: $31/day, plus tax. 
    Express South & North Lots with covered & uncovered spaces; pickup/drop off at your car via shuttle service at (a) across from TE: 'Express South'; (b) next to TB: 'Express North' (both with available TollTag).
Fees:  first 2 hrs $2; 2-4 hrs $3; 4-6 hrs $4, 6-24 hrs  $12- covered $15.
    Remote Parking (Economy parking) with continuous shuttle service every 15 mins - both at North & South ends of the Airport - serves by Bus 310 North & Bus 408 South.
Fees: first 2 hrs $1; 2-4 hrs $2; 4-6 hrs. $3; 6-24 hrs. $10.

* TollTags are available at Remote, Express & Terminal Parking. can be obtained from NTTA for speedy transaction and discounts on parking & pass-through tolls.  For a TollTag listing, visit NTTA at
Payment options:
Cash, major credit cards & NTTA TollTags with credit card on file are accepted. New technology also allows for self-service ticket retrieval for those who prefer paying via credit/ debit cards. 

For more parking information call 972-973-4840 weekdays during work hours 8am-4pm.

Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) Airport Parking Map

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