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My fiance and I will return to DFW on AA from a trip to Mexico at 4:30 PM. We then have a flight out of DFW on Qatar at 6:30 PM the same day for India (this was bad planning on our part). What are the chances we will make our flight? I have a US passport and my fiance an Indian passport. We weren't sure how long it would take both of us to get through customs. We plan to take only carry-on luggage to Mexico to save time. Is there a place we could leave our bags for India at DFW until that day? Help!
With only carry-ons I'd say you have a small chance of making it. DFW has no baggage storage.
I am travelling to Mexico but transit in DFW. My arrival airline is Emirates and my connecting airline is either American, United or Aero Mexico. Do i have to go through Immigration for the connection meaning i got to have a visa to enter US.? Alternatively how about if i take American Airlines from London and connecting in DFW with connecting flight to Mexico with also American Airlines.
Yes, you will need to go through US Immigration and Customs and therefore will need a Visa for the US. Even if all your flights are on the same reservation, you still need a Visa.
What terminal does Qantas land and is there a location on that terminal where i can get a shower before heading out on a domestic flight?
It arrives in Terminal D. After you arrive you can go through security in Terminal D and with a day pass, enter the Admirals Club in Terminal D, which has a shower, before taking the Skylink train to your departure gate.
Many thanks. Are there also hotels in the terminal i could use. Our flight out of DFW is late at night?
There are no hotels in the Terminal at DFW. There is a hotel on site though.
flying from London Heathrow to cancun via Dallas Fort Worth. Will my luggage be sent through to cancun from London or will I have to pick it up & re check it in at Dallas after immigration clearance ? Thanks
If both flights are on American and on the same reservation you won't have to claim your bags in DFW.
have AA flt 160 arrival time at dfw of 11:26 am with connecting AA flight 2668 departing at 12:20pm. Is that enough time to make connection and are they in the same terminal and concourse?
Your gates will be in Terminal A, C, or D. The Skylink train connects all terminals and gates inside security. You have enough time if the first flight is on-time.
Traveling Charleston, SC to DFW with one hour layover then on to Mexico ZCL. Is this enough time to make my connection? Will I have to re-check luggage? Flying American Airlines the whole way.
All you have to do on your way to Mexico is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. The Skylink train connects all gates if you have to change terminals. You have enough time.
I have a flight from Boston to Dallas, then to Lafayette, Louisiana with 55 minutes layover. Based on recent records on the website, it's very likely for me to run from terminal A to B and both planes are AA. Would it be long enough?
Yes, that is long enough if the first flight is on-time. The Skylink train connects all gates inside security.
My wife and I are flying Lima -> DFW -> Boston in August. Our flight arrives in Dallas at 7:25am with next flight departing at 9:05am (1:40 layover). Our flight from Lima says it is LATAM airlines group operated by American Airlines and our flight to Boston just says American Airlines.
Will we have enough time to go through immigration, customs, etc. and make our connection?
I've read DFW customs are some of the fastest in the nation...is this true?
Anyone with experience of this particular flight have any knowledge of the likelihood of our incoming flight being delayed?
Yes, in DFW you will go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, then go through security and take the Skylink train to your departure gate. You should have just enough time.
Can you walk between Terminal A and B. Can you walk between C and B Terminals
The Skylink train connects all terminals inside security.

I plan to fly from Mexico city to Tokyo and transfer at Dallas. I have 4 hours for transfer and would like to meet my friend who lives in Dallas. Do I need to go through passport/security check when I arrive Dallas from Mexico? If yes, I can ask my friend to come by DFW and meet her up. Thanks.

BTW, I have a US passport, thanks.
Yes, you will have to go through US Immigration and Customs when you arrive in DFW.