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I am going from Toronto to San Francisco, I will to connection in Dallas is 1 hour enough to go from Term C to Term A. Thanks.
Yes, the Skylink train connects all terminals inside security and you will pre-clear US immigration and customs in Toronto.
We will be travelling from Tallahassee to Shanghai in June 2017. We've never flown international before, so we aren't sure how the connections work.

An option for the outbound trip has a 1:16 layover. Seems close, but can probably work. What are your thoughts?

On the return side, there is a 1:40 layover. Is that enough time? I'm not sure what is involved on the return trip.
When you leave the country all you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. The Skylink train connects all terminals and gates in DFW inside security. On the return trip you will have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, go through security and to your departure gate on the Skylink train.
Thank you! That makes sense. A 76 minute connection sounds do-able on the outbound side - not sure if we want the extra stress. Something to think about. Thank you!
Hi, We are flying from Shanghai to Cancun via DFW with AA. Do we need to get an ESTA and go through immigration? I feel we would just transfer internally from one flight to the next and our baggage would be taken to the next flight....
Yes, you will go through US Immigration, Customs, and Security. If you are a citizen of a Visa Waiver Program country other than Canada you need ESTA. If your nationality requires a visa, you need a transit visa.
I am going to fly from Seoul/Incheon International Airport(ICN), South Korea, to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport(AUS), connecting in DFW Airport. Is 2h 20m enough time for going through immigration->finding my luggage->re-checking the luggage->being on next flight?
Yes, that should be enough time if everything goes smoothly.
AA just notified me that our return flight change from So America is allowing us only 1:45 to make our connection to SAN. That doesn't seem like enough time to me..what's your expert opinion?
It is enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Hi, we are going to travel from Detroit (DTW) to DFW , and only 45 mins for us from DFW to Hong Kong (HKG)
is is enough time???
Yes, that is possible if the flight from Detroit is on-time. The Skylink train connects all terminals inside security.
Hello. I am flying from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to NJ with a stop in DFW. Is 1hr30mins enough time to go thru immigration, get bags and make it to connecting flight. Im flying on AA.
That's barely enough time if everything goes perfectly. I think that realistically it i snot enough time, especially during a busy season.
I have 40 minutes to get from Terminal B to Terminal A. Will this be enough time? (I'm a nervous wreck about it)
From other posts I'm seeing, the Skylink takes you from one terminal to the other and that should be plenty of time. I am also arriving Terminal B with connection in Terminal A tomorrow. I plan to wear flat shoes, just in case. :-)
Flight 1221 from Austin is scheduled to land at 7:37 pm and I need to be on flight 2583 to Detroit at 8:25 pm. Both are American Airlines flights. Will I be able to make it such a close time frame?
Yes, that is possible. The Skylink train connects all terminals inside security.
We are travelling from Vegas to Cancun with AA and our stop is DFW is 1hr 50min. Is this enough time to get through security and board the next flight?
Yes, that is enough time. You do not have to go through security in DFW. The Skylink train connects all terminals inside security.