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I will be flying from Hong Kong to New Orleans. I have 1 stopover at Dallas airport. The layover time is going to be 2 hours. Would that be enough for me to go through customs, check my luggage and all that?
Yes, that is enough time if everything goes smoothly.
thank you ZAP!
will be flying from CUN to DFW to EVV, with 1hr 20 min connection time. will this be enough even though, we will have to pick up bags, clear customs, change terminals, recheck bags??
That's really difficult. 90 minutes is the recommended minimum international to domestic connection time.
I am planning a flight from YVR and am thinking about a flight that connects in DFW. The connection time is only 1 hr. Is that enough time to make the connection? Don't we have to go through Immigration & Customs when we arrive back into the states?
You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Vancouver. That is enough time for a connection in DFW if both flights are on the same reservation.
We were looking at a flight from YVR to DFW and departure to SJO we will only have 55 minutes to get to the SJO flight Not sure what Terminals these arrive and depart Will our bags make it to next flight?
Will there be enough time between flight
You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Vancouver. All you have to do in DFW is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. The Skylink train connects all gates inside security. You have enough time.
I'm looking to fly from PEK arriving in DFW at 4:50pm and my connecting flight leaves for YYZ at 6:25pm. According to AA website, they offer this as an option, but I'm wondering if the amount of time is too short to get through customs, immigration, security, etc? Many thanks.
That is barely enough time if everything goes perfectly.
Hi, I am leaving Las Vegas at 06:30am and arriving at DFW for 11:15am. My connecting flight to Cancun is at 11:55am which gives me a 40minute connection. I fly into terminal D and have never been to DFW before I was wondering if this is enough time or if I should ask my travel agent to put me on a later flight? I haven't been given the terminal of where my connection leaves from yet as we don't go until May. Please advise would be appreciated. Thank you.
Sorry we leave from terminal D not sure which terminal we arrive at though.
You will arrive in Terminal A or C. That is a pretty risky connection. It's not impossible, but leaves no time to spare. The Skylink train connects all gates inside security.
Thank you. I know it's pretty short. I know it's hard to say but would they put me on the next flight if I do miss it or is it better to try get a later flight? Thank you
They would put you on a later flight if you miss it, but there might not be one or it might not have any open seats.
Good Evening! Is 43 minutes enough time to transfer from a plane out of Denver to a plane bound for Santiago, Chile? It would be 7:32 pm to 8:15 pm on April 3rd. Thank you, Misty
It's enough time if the flight from Denver is on-time but leaves no time to spare. The Skylink train connects all gates inside security.
Thanks for the tip. I contacted American Airlines and they said that it was not a legal connection and they wouldn't sell it. It was their website that offered it!
I am traveling under 2 separate bookings. I will arrive at DFW at 1:00pm via Qantas from Sydney. I then have a separate booking flying American to ATL at 4:50pm. I am not concerned about the time but rather how move my luggage since the bookings are not tied together. It appears I will arrive in terminal D and then depart from terminal C. Where may I check my luggage for the domestic flight on American? Must I take the luggage to terminal C or is there a place in terminal D where I may check in for my domestic flight?
American has a check in desk in Terminal D that I believe you can use.
arriving at DFW from Cancun at 6:49 P.M. with 2 small kids, connection flight at 8:25 is that enough time to make it through customs, immigration etc.
Considering the evening arrival, that should be barely enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Thank you very much!!!
I am a bit confused about Skylink.
I will arrive DFW terminal A with AA domestic flight. Is it possible to take Skylink and go to Terminal D and exit from there? I may have one check in bag.
I need to go to the Grand Hyatt hotel. And seems like taking skyline is easier than taking a Terminal link?
Since you have a checked bag you will have to collect it in A and then take the shuttle or walk to your hotel, since the Skylink runs inside security and you won't be able to get through security after you claim your bag.
Thank you very much!!!
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