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Got a tip about DFW airport? You've come to the right place for help on getting to, through, and between Dallas Fort Worth airport. Share your experiences with others, or post a question and get notified when there is a response.

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  • Dallas Passport Check
    Feb 8, 2014
    Requesting information. 2/10/15 fly on American at 8ish from Puebla, Mexico to Dallas, Tx. After landing at Dallas, what is the route inside Dallas airport to passport check and customs that I need to take? From Dallas, I will be flying to Columbia, South Carolina. Any help and information is greatly appreciated.


    Date correction. Flight is 2/10/14


    You will arrive in Terminal D, go through US Immigration, claim your checked baggage (if you have any), go through US Customs, then re-check your bags with American. Then you will go up to the departures level and go through security and then take the SkyLink train to your departure gate which will likely be in Terminal B.


    Thank you very much, sir :-)


  • bags, re-check or not ?
    Jan 29, 2014
    Hello, soon I'm flying from Madrid to Bogota with 1h10min layover in Dallas (DFW). I would know if my bag go directly from Madrid to Bogota or I have to take my bag in Dallas and re-check ? Both flights are with American Airlanes. Do you think 1h10min it will be enough to pass the customs and don't lost my next flight ? Thank you.


    Every time you go through US Immigration you have to claim your baggage, go through customs, and re-check. So yes, you will have to. You will have to hope your flight from Madrid is on-time and the lines at Immigration aren't bad in order to make your connection. At least both of your flights will be in the same terminal.


  • not there
    Jan 26, 2014
    Look for this and it was not there




  • International transit through DFW
    Jan 16, 2014
    Hi, My son will be travelling from Sydney to Calgary, Canada via transit in DFW. His Qantas flight arrives Terminal D and his AA flight on to Calgary departs from (I think) Terminal D a few hours later. Will he go through immigration in DFW before boarding the Calgary flight, or will he just go through an international transit lounge? (He has US citizenship) Thanks!


    There are no international transit lounges in the US. He will go through US immigration, claim his bags, go through US customs and re-check them before going through security and to his gate for his Calgary flight. His Calgary flight may not depart from D, so if it does he will take the SkyLink train between terminals (which runs inside security).


  • Calgary, AB to PHX through DFW
    Jan 10, 2014
    Hi, I can't seem to find a concrete answer on this. I'm flying from YYC (Calgary, AB, Canada) to Phoenix with a 2 hour layover in DFW. Some people say that I have to go through immigration, customs, security etc before proceeding to the DFW-PHX flight. Others say that I just go straight from the YYC-DFW gate to the DFW-PHX gate. Which one is correct? Thank you so much in advance. I am flying alone and this is the first connecting flight I've ever taken.


    You will clear US immigration in Calgary. All you have to do in DFW is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. If they are in different terminals you will take the skylink train which runs inside security.


  • duty free wine thru security from international flight
    Jan 9, 2014
    If I bring duty free wine from Chile thru Dallas and then on to Omaha will it get thru security in Dallas?


    NO! You have to put it in your checked bags after you go through customs in Dallas and before you re-check them.


  • Getting through customs
    Dec 30, 2014
    I am traveling from Wichita to puerto Vallarta. Will I go through customs in Dallas? If so, will I need to claim my baggage and re-check it after customs? And, what about my return?


    On the way to Mexico the only time you will go through customs is in Mexico. You will only have to go from your arrival gate (In terminal A, C, or D) to your departure gate in Terminal D. If you need to change terminals you will use the Skylink train which runs inside security. On your return, you will arrive in Terminal D where you will go through US Immigration, claim your baggage, go through customs, then re-check your bags with American. You will then go through security and to your departure gate. Again, if you need to change terminals use the Skylink.


  • Connecting flight at Dallas
    Nov 25, 2013
    Hi - my son travels from Sydney to Dallas on 29 Nov arr 1.45 Terminal D. He then departs for Charlotte NC on United Airlines 3071 at 15.54. What is procedure and does he have enough time to catch connecting flight?


    Note that United does not fly from Dallas to Charlotte. His flight is actually US Airways flight 1954. Upon arrival in Dallas he will clear US immigration, claim his bags, and go through US Customs. If his bags are checked through to his US Airways flight he will then be able to re-check his bags at the re-check desk in Terminal D. If he already has his US Airways boarding pass (he can possibly print it out before departure from Sydney) he then can go through security in Terminal D and then take the Skylink train to Terminal E. If he can't get his US Airways boarding pass for whatever reason until he gets to Dallas or if his bags aren't tagged through to Charlotte in Sydney, he will have to take the Terminal Link shuttle van from Terminal D to Terminal E and then check-in with US Airways.


  • honolulu to lubbock, tx
    Nov 25, 2013
    arrive DFW terminal A; leave American Eagle to Lubbock. Unable to locate correct terminal and gate.


    Your flight to Lubbock will most likely depart from B. All terminals at DFW are connected inside security via the skylink train.


  • Need assiatnce on connecting flight at dallas
    Nov 20, 2013
    Hi, i am travelling from London to Dallas in British Airways from there i need to take my connecting flight to Minneapolis by American Eagle . Can i get any paid assistance at the airport to guide me to my domestic flight , also do i need to recheckin my baggage or it will be automaticlly transferred to American Eagle .


    It's pretty simple, you shouldn't need anyone to assist you (nor is there such a service available). All you do is go through US Immigration, claim your baggage, go through US customs, drop your bags back off at the re-check desk, then go upstairs and through security then take the Skylink train to the gate for your departing flight to MSP.


    Thanks , can i get any temporary phone to talk to my friends and get guided...


    You aren't supposed to use phones when you're in Immigration. It's really a very simple process and there will only be one way to go when going through immigration and customs so you can't get lost.


  • Connection Time
    Nov 19, 2013
    I am arriving at Terminal A from Wichita and departing from Terminal D for London with a 45 min. layover. What is the best way to get to Terminal D. This is my first overseas trip, what is the procedure to get on the plane bound for London? Do we have to do anything extra that you don't normally do on a domestic flight? I'm assuming our luggage is transfered for us since both flights are American, is that true?


    Yes, your bags will be checked through to London in Wichita. On your way to London the transfer is just like a domestic flight, you will take the SkyLink Train between terminals, which runs inside security. On your way home from London is when it is different, In Dallas, you will go through US Immigration, claim your baggage, go though US Customs, re-check your baggage at the re-check desk, then go through security and then take the Skylink Train to your departure gate to Wichita.


  • Connection Info needed
    Nov 11, 2013
    I booked a ticket from Boston to Sydney with Qantas. I fly from Boston Logan (codeshare, operated by American Airlines) and arrive at Dallas/Fort Worth Intl at 8:40pm and then fly from Dallas/Fort Worth Intl to Sydney departing terminal D at 10.00pm. Can you please guide me through the connection process at DFW (eg what terminal I will likely arrive in from Boston Logan, will i need to go through immigration/security, will I need to re-check my luggage at DWF or will AA make sure my luggage goes through to Sydney once I check in at Boston etc)?


    You will arrive in Terminal A, C, or D (likely A or C). All you have to do upon arrival in DFW all you have to do is go from your arrival terminal (if it is not D) to Terminal D via the SkyLink train, which runs inside security. You won't have to go through any immigration or security or do anything with your baggage. Your baggage will be checked through to Sydney in Boston.


    Thanks for response ZAP.


  • Blue Bamboo Xpress
    Oct 28, 2013
    Over priced and under valued


  • Baggage transfer
    Oct 13, 2013
    Hi Flying into DFW from Dubai on Emirates then on to St Louis with AA. Have a 3 hour connection time. I realise I clear customs in terminal D and have to collect my bags but what I am not sure of, is there a baggage recheck in at customs terminal D for AA or do I have to lug my bags all the way to terminal A for check in. I don't exactly travel light and I am in my own. First time connecting through DFW. I just can't seem to find this info anywhere.


    1. If you booked both flights on one ticket, your bags are being transferred automatically after customs clearance & re-check. 2. If booked separately, you would have to take your bags to your connecting Terminal A and check them in with AA (as Emirates & AA do not belong to the same airline alliance - you could use Skycap assistance in this case). 3. To connect from TD to TA, take the free Skylink train (inside the post-security areas) starting at TD's gates D2, D20, D25 & D34, and connecting to the TA Skylink stations between gates A13-16 & A29-34.


  • San diego to dallas to london
    Sep 30, 2013
    Hi I will be arriing to dallas fro San diego on way to London. Can I do through checkin or do I need to recheckin? Will be travelling by British airways. I have only 90min transit time. Is that ok?


    Yes, American should check your bags through to British Airways. In Dallas, you will arrive in terminal A or C and then take the SkyLink Train to Terminal D for your British Airways flight.


    thanks. I will be travelling from san diego to dallas to London through British airways only. Can I do through checkin at San Diego or do I need to checkin again as my port of exit will be Dallas. Where will my immigration be at San Diego or Dallas? Thanks in advance


    British Airways will not operate your San Diego-Dallas flight. American Airlines will. American should be able to give you both of your boarding passes and check your bags through to London in San Diego. On the way to San Diego you will go through US immigration in Dallas. On the way back to London you will only go through UK immigration in London (no US immigration).


    Thanks a lot. Is 90 min enough in case I need to recheck in? If I miss flight do they arrange for next?


    American should be able to check you in for both flights in San Diego. If you miss your connection, American will re-book you on one of their two later flights to London as there is only one flight per day on British Airways.


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