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  • Will I have enough time?
    Apr 11, 2016
    I am planning to arrive in DFW on American Airlines on a domestic flight at 9:34 am and to depart on an international flight with AA to Mexico City at 10:41 am. This gives me a little a little over 1 hr to make my connection. Is this enough time?


    If both tickets are on the same reservation that is enough time. All you have to do in DFW is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. The Skylink train connects all gates inside security.


  • 50 minute layover
    Apr 10, 2016
    Arriving in Dallas, TX from Austin, TX at 10:00am in mid July & then a 50 minute layover until our connecting flight to Hawaii. Both flights are with AA. If we gate check two car seats, is that enough time to make it on time to our connecting flight? Or are we better off just checking in the car seats with our checked bags? Unsure of which terminals at this time. I am trying to plan ahead. Unsure of how gate checked items get back to us after we land. This is our first time flying with children.


    A gate checked car seat will probably be sent to your final destination, so you won't have to worry about it in Dallas.


  • time
    Apr 10, 2016
    will be getting into DFW on Wed at 1.55pm is that a busy time for customs and immigration, am used to PHX were it is slow. thanks


    That will be a moderately busy time.


  • Time frame
    Apr 9, 2016
    Is 55 min enough time to connect from an American Airlines flight to American egal, and will checked bags make it


    Yes, if the first flight is on-time that is enough time. The Skylink train connects all gates inside security.


  • Domestic to International
    Apr 6, 2016
    I am flying into Dallas on American Airlines and have 50 minutes before my international flight to Kathmandu on Qatar airlines. Will that be enough time?


    Yes, if your first flight is on-time and both flights are on the same reservation that is enough time. The Skylink train connects all gates inside security.


  • FAT to DFW to PARIS on AA - One Reservation
    Apr 6, 2016
    Our travel agent says when we get to DFW (AA) we'll have to re-enter security again to board International flight on AA. I think she's wrong having spent hours reading your site. If we stay on the inside security train between terminals we'll will NOT have to go thru re-entry with security or baggage, right? Even Carry ons'? So long as we stay in secured area?


    Your travel agent is wrong. The Skylink train at DFW connects all gates inside security and there is no special security or US Immigration before boarding an International flight.


  • International to Domestic in peak Summer
    Apr 6, 2016
    Hi, Am travelling with wife and 2 children and want to plan the best connection with the peace of mind that we won't have to be rushing. Landing from CDG at DFW Terminal D, then onwards to a Domestic connection on a separate ticket (destination still TBD, probably LAX or LAS). From experience, immigration can take a looong time as an EU national (thinking eg JFK). Given this is Peak Summer (29 July), Friday afternoon (land at 3 PM), what is the earliest we could safely schedule an onward flight without rushing? Thanks!


    6 or 6:30 PM would be the earliest flight I would consider booking. Maybe on the later end of that if you're considering booking an airline other than AA to your destination, since you will have to take the shuttle bus to Terminal E in that case after you clear customs.


    Great, thanks ZAP! Will probably catch an AA connection, was thinking around 7 or 8 PM to be absolutely on the safe side and take it easy, perhaps spending some time relaxing at the lounge. Make sense? Thanks a lot!!


  • Terminal D to C
    Apr 6, 2016
    What is the fastest way, walk or take the train? I have a 90 minute connection (international to domestic).


    The train is almost always faster than walking. You have barely enough time if everything goes perfectly.


  • International to Domestic Transfer
    Apr 6, 2016
    I am arriving from Japan Narita at 4.30pm on a Sunday, transferring to a 6.30pm flight. Is this 2 hours enough? Will I be able to save time if I do not check any bags in? My experience with other US airports (esp Washington) is that the main bottleneck is when they need to scan the bags for liquids again.


    Yes, you will have just enough time. Yes, not checking bags will save you a little time.


  • Question about Customs time in Dallas
    Apr 5, 2016
    We arrive in Dallas from Mexico at 4:47PM and have a connecting flight to Seattle at 6:40PM. Is this enough time to get through Customs and make our flight?


    That's just enough time if everything goes smoothly.


    Apr 3, 2016
    I'm planning on booking a flight for my folks to come visit Korea this fall. The flight to Korea has a 50 minute layover in Dallas between PNS and ICN, and I'm worried that this isn't enough time. My folks are in their sixties and not experienced international travelers, so I'm worried that they might get lost in the terminal and miss their flight (never mind that the flight from Pensacola might be delayed). Last year when I traveled the same route, I opted to take a connecting flight in Tokyo rather than miss the flight to Incheon, but I would prefer to not have to put my folks through another flight if it's possible. So my question is, is 50 minutes really enough time? Thanks!


    Yes, it is enough time. All gates at DFW are connected inside security by the Skylink train. All they have to do if both flights are AA is take the train from their arrival gate in Terminal B to their departure gate in Terminal D.


  • International-Domestic connection 2hrs 6min
    Apr 2, 2016
    Hi! Is 2hrs 6min long enough to make an international-domestic connection in DFW? I'm travelling from London Heathrow as a British Citizen. Thank you!


    That's barely enough time if everything goes smoothly.


  • 55 minute connection at DFW travelling from Vegas to Madrid (Spain)
    Apr 2, 2016
    Is 55 minutes enough to make the connection?


    Yes, that is enough time. The Skylink train connects all gates inside security and you just have to go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.


  • Is 60 minutes layover enough for domestic to international?
    Apr 1, 2016
    American Airlines changed the departure time for one of my flights CLE-DFW-NRT (Tokyo). I now only have 60 minutes layover in DFW. Will I have enough time to make it from domestic gates to international gates?


    Yes, that is enough time. All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate and the Skylink train connects all gates inside security.


  • Clearing customs to catch a connecting flight
    Mar 31, 2016
    Hello, I am traveling from Narita to Dallas and will arrive at 8:25am. Will I have enough time to get through customs and recheck my bags to catch a flight from Dallas to Tampa at 12:15pm? Its almost a 4 hour layover but I've never traveled through the Dallas airport.


    Yes, that should be plenty of time


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