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Flight 1221 from Austin is scheduled to land at 7:37 pm and I need to be on flight 2583 to Detroit at 8:25 pm. Both are American Airlines flights. Will I be able to make it such a close time frame?
Yes, that is possible. The Skylink train connects all terminals inside security.
We are travelling from Vegas to Cancun with AA and our stop is DFW is 1hr 50min. Is this enough time to get through security and board the next flight?
Yes, that is enough time. You do not have to go through security in DFW. The Skylink train connects all terminals inside security.
I am arriving from London Heathrow @ 14.35 with onward travel to |Little Rock @ 16.25 is this enough time to clear immigration etc
That is just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Hello, we are a portuguese couple going from Seoul to Buenos Aires with a connection in Dallas. We do not have US Visas and we are worried that the flights might be from different terminals (although all flights are with AA). Does anyone know if it is possible for foreigns to move between terminals without a tourism visa? Many thanks in advance, Ana
Both flights will be in Terminal D. Portuguese citizens do not need a visa to transit or visit the USA, but you need to complete ESTA. In DFW you will have to go through US Immigration, US Customs, and security. You will not have to claim your bags since it is an AA to AA International to International connection.
Thank you so much, the process is very different from what we are used so we're confused! We just completed ESTA, let's see if see if we get it!
As the last time my wife flew from RDU-NRT it was a real nail-biter for the RDU-MSP connection, she almost missed her flight.

This time, the opposite direction from NRT>>RDU she has more time, but just want to be sure about International>>domestic connections.

As well, I believe that she needs to collect her check-in baggage and re-check in.
Is she connecting in MSP or DFW? Yes, when she enters the US She will have to go through US Immigration, claim her bags, go through US Customs, re-check her bags at the re-check desk, and go through security.
Will my daughter have to get her luggage when she arrives at DFW on American to transfer to a Lufthansa flight at DFW to Italy? If so, how does she doe this? How much time should she allow between arrival at DFW and departure on Lufthansa?
Are her tickets on two separate reservations or one reservation? Where is she flying into DFW from?
She will fly in from Phoenix on American on a separate ticket so I imagine he has to collect her luggage and then to go Lufthansa. One more question: She is booked thru United on a flight operated by Lufthansa so where does she check in at...United or Lufthansa? It is thru a site called fareboom to Italy but just a regular American ticket from Phoenix to DFW...Thanks!
Yes, she will have to claim her bags from American and take a shuttle bus to her departure terminal to re-check her bags. Lufthansa doesn't fly nonstop from DFW to Italy. Is she flying to Frankfurt first? If so she will re-check her bags with Lufthansa in Terminal D. If she is connecting in Newark or Washington DC or somewhere else in the USA first, she will re-check her bags with United in Terminal E.
Yes...she connected in Frankfurt to Italy. She leaves from Terminal D at DFW on Lufthansa. How much time should she allow between her arrival at DFW on American to get her bags and then recheck them again at Terminal D from American?
I would want at least 3 hours.
Hi ZAP, my friend from China will fly to Mexico via AA (PVG-DFW-BJX) on Nov. 17th. She speaks very little English. She has 2 and a half hour to make connection. From your previous comments, I understand that she doesn't need claim the luggage, but she still need to go through immigration and customs, and then go through the security. It seems like she does not need to leave the terminal D since both sections are international via AA, is my understanding correct? Is there any assistance available for mandarin speaker at DFW? Any comments will be highly appreciated.
Since she is coming from China i'm sure there will be people on her flight that speak both Chinese and English that she can ask for help. Also, does she speak Spanish (she won't be able to do much in Leon if she doesn't)? Lots of people at DFW speak Spanish.
Thanks for your quick response. No, unfortunately she doesn't speak any Spanish either. That's the part make me nerves. Thanks for reminding me that she can ask other passenger for help. I assumed my other understandings are all correct?
Flying into Dallas on Amercan airlines then on to Denver on American
Will I have to change terminals? Only 45 mins
You will almost definitely have to change terminals. The Skylink train connects all terminals and gates inside security. You have enough time if your flight from Joplin is on-time.
Only 1 hour between flight on from Cvg on american eagle and leaving on American Airlines to Maui. Is this doable?
Yes, that is doable if the first flight is on-time. The Skylink train connects all terminals inside security.
Hello, I am travelling from Tokyo to Toronto via DFW with all flights on American Airlines. Is two hours enough time to make the connection? I understand it is all Terminal D, but because It is the last flight to Toronto, what happens if the something goes wrong....flight is delayed etc.
If you miss your connection then you will be rebooked on a flight the next day and spend the night in DFW. Whether or not they supply you will a hotel depends on the reasons for the delay.
Thank you for the reply. I appreciate it.
Hi ZAP, I get the impression from your responses that if the AA flight only transits through DFW whilst going on to a third international destination (ie NRT-DFW-YYZ) it is not necessary to collect luggage? Is that correct?
Yes, that is correct. The only Airlines/Hubs that work that way in the US are DFW and MIA for AA and IAH for United.