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Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) Airport

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Got a tip about DFW airport? You've come to the right place for help on getting to, through, and between Dallas Fort Worth airport. Share your experiences with others, or post a question and get notified when there is a response.

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  • Best part of a delay
    Jul 15, 2012
    Pulled pork and brisket are fabulous


  • Airport Cantina Laredo
    Jul 12, 2012
    Great food, very hot salsa, unnecessarily too expensive, nice service.


  • terminal connections
    Jul 13, 2012
    I arrive at A33 and depart D36 with 45 minutes between flights if all goes well and is on time. What is the quickest way between terminals? Can we walk from A to D quite easily?


    You arrive at Terminal A and need to get to Terminal D - the elevated Skylink train stops near the escalator/elevator at TA between Gates A13-16 and A29-39 and arrives at Terminal D (making several stops) between both D11-20 and D24-34 -it runs every 2 mins, taking on average 5 mines


    Thanks mucho. That is exactly what I needed verifying.


  • Transfer Time
    Jul 9, 2012
    I have a flight on AA leaving FLL at 7:30am and arriving at 9:30am to Dallas/Forth Worth with a connecting flight to Dubai on Emirates at 12;35. Do you think I will have enough time to go through security and check in for the Dubai Flight?


    At DFW you could arrive via American Airlines at either Terminals A through D with corresponding gates - your ticket should indicate arrivals terminal. Emirates Flight 222 to Dubai is listed today as departing at gate D11 (Terminal D). If you need to check in first (in case you AA does not transfer bags to Emirates, exit and take the free 'Terminal Link' blue & green vans transfer passengers outside the baggage claim of each terminal, running every 10 minutes. If no baggage re-check is necessary, take the free Skylink train, which runs inside the post-security area of each of the five terminals, starting at the International Terminal D at gates D2, D20, D25 & D34, and connecting to the other terminals by two Skylink stations each (close to the left and right end). It takes about runs every 2 mins and takes 5 minutes of transfer time on average. Terminals A, B, C & E Skylink stations are between gates A13-16 & A29-34, B9-12 & B28-31, C8-12 & C27-32, and E8-11 & E31-32. You have enough time for either way.


  • how to easily transfer quickly
    Jun 12, 2012
    I need the quickest way to transfer from terminal C gate 4 to Terminal B gate 9. I land at 1245p and take off at 130p


  • What gate will AA654 leave from on 6/25
    Jun 12, 2012
    Travleing on the 25th


    Cannot get info for future flights - At DFW, American uses Terminal A, Terminal C, and International Terminal D with corresponding gates. (American Eagle uses Terminal B). The elevated Skylink train serves all terminals and makes several stops at Terminal D. Look at your ticket to see what terminal /gate you depart from.


  • ABQ to HNL through DFW
    Jun 2, 2012
    Need some help please. I am going to HNL from ABQ and the best flight for me has a 40 minute time frame to transfer from terminal "C" to terminal "D".. Generally speaking, is that enough time to go between terminals?


    Yes you have enough time to transfer at DFW from Terminal C to Terminal D: Due to the long concourses and the distance between the terminals, the elevated 'Skylink' train starts in the International Terminal D at several points and then connects to the other terminals in their gateway center: Station escalator/ elevator locations for the Skylink: at TC between both C8-C12 & C27-C32; at TD between both D11-20 & D24-34. The Skylink runs every 2 minutes and takes an average of five minutes.


  • transfer time
    May 30, 2012
    I will be arriving at DFW (in terminal C, I suppose) on Thurs at 8:50 PM on an American flight from FLL. I have a connecting flight to Brisbane AU on Qantas (in Terminal D) at 9:55PM. I will not have to retrieve luggage, only transfer. Will I have to go through security again and would there be enough time to make the Qantas flight if I did?


    1. American uses both Terminals A & C, which have corresponding gate numbers - your ticket should indicate which terminal. Due to the long concourses and the distance between the terminals, the elevated 'Skylink' train starts in the International Terminal D at several points and then connects to the other terminals in their gateway center: Station escalator/ elevator locations for the Skylink: at TA between A13-A16 & A29-A39; at TB between both B9-B12 & B28-B31; at TD between both D11-20 & D24-34; Skylink runs every 2 mins, taking on average 5 mins. No need to go through security again. You have plenty of time.


    Many thanks for the reply, it is extremely appreciated. This site is really super good!!


  • FLIGHT 2459
    May 22, 2012
    what gate will flight 2459 from Orlando arrive at on Friday, May 25


    Flight number listing only available for day of arrival/departure. Ticket or boarding pass should indicate DFW Terminal & gate - i.e., A17 = Terminal A gate 17. (DFW hs Terminals C - E.


  • Arkansa to Dallas
    May 17, 2012
    I depart from Arkansas AA1884 Flight and arrive at Terminal D(Lufthansa). Pls let me know Which terminal used for immigration(Passport Check), Retrieve check bags(Terminal#?), Is 1 Hr suffice ? Thanks


    Your domestic flight into DFW will arrive either at Terminal B (TB) (American Eagle) or TA Or TC (American). Your Lufthansa flight departs from TD. Only international arrivals in the U.S. need to go through customs clearance procedure. Look at your ticket to see which gate you arrive at (A, B or C gates + number). If arriving at B gates, you can walk - past gate 1 - to gates D1-40 (left). Or take the Skylink train from your arrival concourse to TD - just follow signs.


  • traansfer
    Jun 23, 2012
    how do i get from gate A33 to terminal D with a toddler? Is there any walk away?Do i need do go through security check before getting to terminal D?


    1. at DFW, Gates areas are divided by the Skylink train station, which is in the center. Terminal A has currently gates A17-39; Terminal D (the international terminal) has gates D6-D40. Since the D gates are very long the Skylink makes four stops near gates D1, D20, D25 & D34. You are within the secured area - no need to go through security check again. (On Arrival at DFW, search the overhead screen for your departure airline gate.


    Skylink moves you in 5 minutes inside secutity. Fast and easy and fully automated. Trains go every 2 minutes clockwise and counter clockwise


  • transfer time
    May 11, 2012
    How long do I need to transfer from Qantas airway, I think arrive in terminal D, to US airways in terminal E. I think I have to collect the bag, through the customs and check in the bag again. Would be poosible within 70 minutes?


    1. Make sure that Qantas will transfer bags to US Airways. 2. On arrival you need to go through passport check, pick up your bags, go through customs, then re-check-in your bags (which should have all 3 Airport codes on their tags)- while this procedure takes on average 35-45 mins - it could be much longer. Take the Skylink train running every 2 mins and taking at most five mins, which stops at gates D1, D20, D25 & D34, to Terminal E.


  • DFW question???
    May 10, 2012
    How do I get from gate A39 to gate c4 quickly? Thanks


  • Dfw
    May 10, 2012
    How do i get from gate a39 to c4 quickly? Thanks


    At DFWse the Skylink train which runs every 2 mins, taking on average only 5 mins for its round. At Terminal A, the station is located between gates A13-16 & A29-39; at Terminal C, it's between gates C8-12 & C27-32.


  • great bbq
    Apr 20, 2012
    when in Texas, eat like texans do! get the sliced brisket


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