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  • Costa Rica to DFW Customs process
    Jul 2, 2015
    Hello, I have a question about the customs and immigration process at DFW. I will be flying from SJO in Costa Rica to DFW and then to Kansas City from there in a couple weeks. My layover time is right around one and a half hours. Will that give me enough time to go through the necessary check in? Also, could you walk me through what I need to do when I land at DFW? I've never flown internationally before, so I would appreciate any help you could offer. Thank you.


    You will arrive in Terminal D, go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the transfer desk immediately after, then go through security and take the SkyLink train to your departure gate. You should have enough time but don't have much time to spare.


    Alright, thank you very much. That was very helpful


  • Weather conditions at DWF airport
    Jun 17, 2015
    Hello I will be travelling from DWF on saturday, heard that there is floody situation going on in Dallas and texas...Just wanted to confirm if it is affecting any flights delays ?


    Saturday is too far off to make any hard predictions.


  • Time Crunch
    Jun 8, 2015
    I was wondering if 40 minutes was enough time to get from my flight from LA - Dallas to Dallas - Zacatecas? I'm worried that it won't be enough time to get from one gate to another. Opinions?


    It's barely enough time if your first flight is on-time. No time to spare if it is delayed. The SkyLink train connects all terminals inside security.


  • Best way to get to Terminal E from Terminal C
    May 27, 2015
    I arriving at DFW from HNL at Terminal C on American Airlines. My next filight is with US Airways and departs from terminal E. What is the best way to travel to Terminal E from Terminal C. This is my first time at DFW and I am not familiar with the airport at all.


    All terminals are connected inside security by the SkyLink Train. Just follow signs to the SkyLink and then take the train that says it is going the correct direction to E. Also, HNL-DFW flights can also arrive in Terminal D, so don't get thrown off if that happens. The SkyLink can still take you where you need to go.


  • Mr.
    Apr 11, 2015
    How long is the wait time, to go through customs, to get to the terminal? We are flying to Dubai this Monday from DFW, and would like to know if we need a four-hour window to process passports, and get through security.


    You do not go through US Customs when leaving the US.


  • EDMONTON To Orlando
    Apr 1, 2015
    Hello. I am flying from Edmonton airport to Orlando via Dallas. I am wondering if I will need to pick up my baggage and check it again? Also, will I need to go through security after arrival in Dallas? Thanks in advance! :)


    No, you will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Edmonton. All you have to do in Dallas is go from your arrival gate to your departure gates. The SkyLink train connects all terminals inside security.


  • Connecting flight, 60 min
    Mar 31, 2015
    Hello, im a non American who will be flying from LAX to DFW (with Delta). I will have 60 min until my flight to AMS departs (with KLM). Will this be enough time? Do i have to do anything with my previously checked baggage or they will make sure it goes along with me?


    If you purchased your tickets together your bags will be checked through to Amsterdam in LAX and all you have to do in DFW is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You will arrive in Terminal E and depart from Terminal D. They are connected inside security by the SkyLink train. You should have enough time if your first flight is on-time.


  • Immigration
    Mar 11, 2015
    Hello, Tomorrow on March 11, we are welcoming home a family coming from Hong Kong and bringing home their adopted daughter. Their flight number is 138 and they arrive in terminal D. After they go through immigration what doors will they come through so we will know where to meet them? Thank you!


    All International arriving passengers exit the same place. It should be fairly obvious as lots of people will be waiting there.


  • Help me
    Mar 6, 2015
    Tomorrow on March 6th. I am taking a flight from Indianapolis to Memphis with a connecting flight in Dallas. Only One hour layover. I need help getting to the tram and next gate. I don't think I can walk fast from gate C 20 to Gate B 41 and also do I have to re-check my luggage in Dalles too ?


    You do not have to do anything with your baggage in dallas. The skylink train can get you from C20 to B41 in about 10 minutes.


  • Clearing customs and baggage
    Mar 1, 2015
    I am travelling vancouver to dallas fw then on to sydney, with less than 2 hrs from arriving at dfw to flying out to sydney. Will my luggage just go through to sydney, or will i need to collect at dallas? Just worried about the timing as came into vancouver via lax and the entire process took 3 hours!


    If you purchased tickets together, baggage will be transferred in DFW. You will pre-clear US Immigration and customs in Vancouver. All you have to do in DFW is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate in Terminal D.


  • Tsa security rules
    Feb 19, 2015
    I live in Dallas, and a friend has a 2 hour DFW connection, staying in the US/domestic flight. Will my friend be able to leave the security area to see me and re-enter later and go through security again?


    Yes, you can, but be sure to bring your boarding pass with you. You also won't have a whole lot of time.


  • Customs, Immigration
    Feb 17, 2015
    I have a layover Sat eve, May 30,15 arrive CUN 8:19pm Depart 9:55pm to SFO flying AA, Will I have any time to spare ?


    That should be enough time, but doesn't leave much to spare.


  • Arriving from PVR, Mexico and catching domestic flight, how much time
    Feb 10, 2015
    Hi we are US Citizen and arriving from PVR, Mexico by American Airlines and have to catch domestic AA flight and we have 1:38 in between. Is it possible to catch our connection?


    Yes, it is possible but it depends on your first flight being on-time and immigration not being backed up.


  • Connection time
    Feb 9, 2015
    I have AA flight from Costa Rica arriving DFW with 55 min to get next flight to SYD ,is this enough time for transit or do I have to go through customs and pick up bags etceven if the bags are checked all the way through to SYD Thanks for you help


    NO! That is not enough time. You need to find another itinerary. Since it's unlikely that there is an earlier flight from Costa Rica and there definitely isn't a later flight to Sydney.


    Thank you I will see the travel agent who thinks it is possible !!


    Do you know if we have to go through customs, when we arrive from Costa Rica in Terminal D and leave from terminal D to SYD . Thanks


    Yes, you have to go through US Immigration and Customs and security when you arrive. That is why the connection is impossible.


  • Enough time for customs?
    Jan 25, 2015
    American Airlines just notified of flight change that allows a mere 54 minutes from incoming Toronto flight to departing flight. Is it even remotely possible to clear customs in that amount of time??


    You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Toronto. All you have to do in DFW is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. The SkyLink train connects all terminals inside security.


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