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I am deciding between a few flights from PVR -DTW with a layover in DFW. One has 3:20 layover, the over 1:30, one has approx. 1:50. Also I have two young kids. What would be the minimum time without too much stress getting through customs and to the next terminal. Thanks
I wouldn't be comfortable with less than 2 hours.
I have an AA flight from Belize to DFW arriving 8:18 pm, with a connecting AA flight from DFW to COS departing 9:55pm. What is the minimum time needed at DFW to clear customs and immigration and make a connecting domestice flight. Thank you.
90 minutes is the minimum. That late in the evening you should be OK.
I'm flying in December from Paris (CDG) to DFW and then continue to Mexico city, both flights are with American Airlines. The arrival and departure will both be from the terminal D. I am traveling for the first time through USA and I have no idea what I have to do when I'm there. I have 2hrs 55min between the flights, is it enough? How is the immigration part for connecting passengers? Will my luggage fly straight to MEX or do I need to go for them in DFW? Help would be much appreciated!
You should have enough time. You should not have to claim and re-check your bags in DFW as you are on an international to international connection. You will have to go through US Immigration, Customs, and security in DFW.
what is the SOP for when one misses a flight out of DFW to the UK? Will the flight be rescheduled for a fee or is a new ticket purchase required, and will the previous purchase go towards the replacement?
If you miss your flight due to a late arriving flight you will simply be put on the next available flight, no fee. If you just show up at the airport late, you will be charged a change fee but likely not a change in fare. If you simply no-show then you will only get credit for the flight you missed minus a large change fee, unless you have a refundable ticket.
I have an AA flight from Belize to DFW arriving 4:12 pm, with a connecting AA flight from DFW to SEA departing 6:40 pm. What is the minimum time needed at DFW to clear customs and immigration and make a connecting domestice flight. Thanks!
That should be plenty of time.
Hello. I need some help. I'll travel to Hong Kong from Brazil in june 2016. My connection at DFW will be 6 hours. It will have time to wander a little of the city at that time?
There isn't much city to wander in Dallas just kill some time in the airport.
Flying from Sydney with a connection in DFW. 4 hour layover. Is this enough time to go through customs? Do I need to go to baggage claim to retrieve luggage, then through customs, back through security to my departing gate? Thanks for your help!
Yes, you have the procedure correct and yes, 4 hours is plenty of time.
I will arrive to DFW at 10:39am and suppose to leave 11:30 am to HKG, i have never been to DFW and i dont know gates and what i have to do. Please let me know if my transfer time is enough and how should i transfer. Thanks!
You will take the skylink train from your arrival terminal to terminal d where you will depart. It runs inside security. You have enough time if your first flight is on time.
I will be flying from Mexico to Toronto, connecting in Dallas (with Delta). I think my luggage will go right through, without me having to recheck it in Dallas. Does anyone know if that's correct?
Yes, the AA procedure is that on an international to international connection through Dallas you do not have to claim your bags. You will still have to go through US Immigration and security though.
Thank you so much for that helpful information!!
am travelling from chennai to san antonio > Chenai > London > dallas
or Chennai > frankfurt > Houston
do I need a transit visa in London, frankfurt , dalls or houston for proceeding to SAN ANTONIO.
Assuming you are an Indian citizen, you will need a visitor Visa for the United States. Not a transfer Visa. For both London or Frankfurt you will need a transfer visa from those respective countries.