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I am flying with my 6 month old from HK to DFW and could probably use some assistance getting my bags back through immigration. Is there a porter service I can arrange before hand or once there?
No, there is no such service.
Do I need to claim and recheck my bags in dallas if my tickets from Chicago to Dallas and then Dallas to Korea were bought seperately? Or is there a way to get my bags to Korea even tho I won't have my ticket to Korea at that point. (I am meeting a group in Dallas who'll have my ticket to Korea)
Yes, because one reservation is a group ticket it will likely mean you'll have to claim and re-check your bags in Dallas even if both flights are on American.
Hi! So I'll be coming from LHR to DFW. We have a 2 hour 11 min layover, and we will need to go through immigration. Is 2 hours enough? Do we have to reclaim baggage?
Where are you flying out of DFW to?
Heard that its possible to have the immigration kiosks print your connecting flight boarding pass.. is that true? or what is the process?
No, that's not true. There will be kiosks for AA right outside customs if you need an AA boarding pass.
Buenas tardes, cordial saludo. Viajo de Bogota a los angeles. Tengo conexion en dallas por american airlines. Me puede indicar que debo hacer? Cuales son los pasos a seguir?
when we land at DFW are our bags sent to the flight to Mexico or do we claim them at DFW then go to recheck them??
On your way to Cancun you don't have to do anything with your bags in DFW.
I have an hour between connecting flights and have a friend from the Dallas area that wants to meet in between flights. Where is the best place to meet that friend in the airport between connecting flights?
You don't have enough time.
I was wanting to do the same meet a friend while in DFW I will have 2hr 20 min between flights. Is it possible to meet them in baggage area for visit, then go back through security?
There will be baggage carts in the International baggage claim.
Will 1 hour be enough to get from terminal d to A
If the first flight is domestic that is enough time, however, most arrivals in Terminal D are not domestic. Where are you flying from and to?
Have overnight flight in DFW arriving 8:45 p.m. And departing to BZE at 10:35 a.m. Next day. Staying at Grand Hyatt. Will we pick up bags on arrival and recheck next day?
Yes, you will