Madison Dane County Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

Parking Options and Fees:

Surface Parking - surrounds the Ramp and located near the terminal has 980 stalls. Fees:
Daily - $8

Economy Lot- 800 parking stalls and lowest daily parking rates at the Airport. To use the Economy Lot, take a ticket at the entrance, park, then pay on exit using one of two Credit Card Express exit lanes. Once parked in the Economy Lot, expect an approximate 10 minute walk to the terminal. The Economy Lot accommodates oversized and extended length vehicles. Fees:
Daily - $6

Parking Ramp - includes (a) short-term parking (hourly); (b) long-term parking (daily); (c) handicapped parking--on all four levels adjacent to elevators and in the surface lot; as well as six crosswalks connecting ramp to terminal (2 covered, 1 enclosed); rental cars; and two-wheeled vehicle parking (no charge, locks needed). Ramp clearance is 8 feet 2 inches. Fees:
First 15 mins - free
16 - 30 mins - $1
60 mins to 1 hr - $2
1 to 1.5 hrs - $3
1.5 to 2 hrs - $4
Each add'l hr - $1
6 to 24 hrs (daily max) - $10;
Each add'l hr - $1
Daily (long-term) max for each 24-hr period - $10

A $3 citation is issued for overnight parking in the hourly parking area for each 24-hour period.

Call the Parking Manager, (608) 246-3394, if you plan on parking over 45 days.

Payments Methods: The Ramp (daily and hourly) lots and Surface lot accept cash or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover only). The Economy lot only accepts credit cards, not cash.

General Parking Information: - The 3,550 vehicle parking facility - a Parking Ramp, daily Surface Lot and Economy Park & Walk Lot - offers airport visitors safe and secure parking with streamlined parking service. The Parking Ramp at MSN Airport is a modern, well-lit structure with 1,750 public parking stalls directly across from the terminal building. Surrounding the Ramp and also located near the terminal is the Surface Lot, which has 980 stalls. Two wheel vehicle parking, for both motorcycles and bicycles, is available immediately inside the parking structure in the hourly parking area.
The Ramp and Surface Lot are periodically full during holidays, spring break, and seasonal events, including spring and fall teachers' conventions. If traveling during these times be sure to allow additional time to park and walk, or take the free shuttle from the Economy Lot if the main parking lots are full.
Security personnel is on-site to ensure the security of vehicles and the safety of travelers, but are not responsible for damage to or loss of a car, its contents, or accessories.

Handicapped Parking: - available in all areas of the parking facility. In the parking ramp, stalls are located near the two elevators on the terminal side of each level. In the surface lot, stalls are west of the parking ramp. Handicapped parking is also available in the Economy Park and Walk lot. A seasonal shuttle service operates only when the main lot is full. The shuttle bus is equipped to serve persons with disabilities. For more information on handicapped parking or special accommodations, call the Parking Manager at (608) 246-3394.
When the main parking facility is full, space is still available for handicapped parking. Enter the hourly parking area and proceed to the upper levels by driving around the barricade. If you have difficulty finding a parking space drive to the exit plaza and ask an attendant for assistance.

Crosswalks: Six crosswalks connect the parking ramp with the terminal. Of the five on the ground level, two are covered. On the third level, an enclosed, heated skywalk is available. Constructed of see-through glass for security, there is elevator accessibility on either end. Two pedestrian crosswalks connect the Economy Lot to the south end of the Surface Lot.

There is no unattended vehicle parking in front of the airport terminal. This area is restricted to active loading and unloading of passengers and luggage only. For short trips into the terminal, DCRA offers 15-minute free parking in the parking ramp directly across from the terminal.

Parking Information: (608) 246-3380, choose option 5, then press 3; after this step, press 1 for parking rates or 2 for parking availability.

Madison Dane County ( MSN ) Airport Parking Map

Madison Dane County MSN airport parking map

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