Parking Options at Madison Dane County Airport

Parking Options at Madison Dane County Airport: For passenger pick-up, it is suggested to use the free Cell Phone Lot - stay with your car until your party has collected bags and calls you to be picked up at the terminal curb.
Six crosswalks connect the Parking Ramp with the terminal--of the five on the ground level, two are covered. On the third level, an enclosed, heated skywalk is available. Elevator accessibility is on either end. Two pedestrian crosswalks connect the Economy Lot to the south end of the Surface Lot.

The Parking Ramp * is a modern structure across from the terminal building, connecting it with six crosswalks( 2 of which are covered, one is enclosed) . The Ramp accommodates short-term (hourly) and long-term (daily)  parking, rental cars, 2-wheel vehicles (no charge, but locks needed); with aclearance of 8.2 feet.   
Two-wheel vehicle parking is available immediately  in the hourly parking area of the garage.
The Surface Lot surrounds the Parking Ramp and is also near the terminal .
The Economy Lot has the lowest daily parking rates (take a ticket at the entrance, park, then pay on exit using one of two Credit Card Express exit lanes. The lot is a 10-minute walk from the passenger terminal and can accommodate oversized and extra-long vehicles.
Disabled parking is available In the Parking Ramp near the two elevators on the terminal side of each level, while in the surface lot, stalls are west of the Parking Ramp.

Parking fees:  Daily & hourly ramps accept cash or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover only); surface & economy lots accept credit cards only: 
Hourly Ramp : first 15 mins fee; threafter each 30 minutes $1, by  6 hrs $8; thereafter daily max of $10 applies. 
Daily Ramp : $10/day.
Surface Lot : next to Ramp: $8/day
Economy Lot : $6/day

For more parking information call 608-246-3380, choose option 5, then press 3 (press 1 thereafter for rates, or 2 for availability).

* Parking Ramp Expansion May through late Fall 2014:
The first phase of the Airport's parking expansion project  started May 5, 2014 and is to be completed by late 2014 . It will add three new levels to the parking ramps next to the passenger terminal, with 1,500 parking spaces.   Phase 1 is part of a multi-phase projec - spanning over several years, and should add more than 7,500 spaces. For updates open Twitter @MS_Airport.
Various areas & parking levels will be impacted in the ramp - with less available ramp parking spaces. Availability signs are posted. Add extra travel time to find parking and for shuttle ride. A courtesy shuttle will run every 10 - 15 minutes from the economy lot, between 4am & last flight arrival.
Departing passengers: Pick-up point at the Economy lot will be at the Shuttle Waiting Area, while Drop-off point at Terminal will be between doors 2 & 4.
Arriving Passengers:  Pick-up point at the Terminal will be outside of door 6; Drop off point at the Economy lot will be the row the Shuttle Waiting Area.

Parking Rates at MSN Airport

Rate: 15 mins free
16-30 mins $1
30 mins - 1hr $2
1 - 1.5 hrs $3
1.5 - 2 hrs $4
2-3 hrs $5
3-4 hrs $6
4-5 hrs $7
5-6 hrs $8
6-24 hrs $10
Ramp Daily
Rate: daily $10
Rate: daily $8
Economy Lot
Rate: daily $6

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