Parking Options at Darwin International Airport

Picking up/droppig off at passenger:   A dedicated pickup zone & an Express Drop-off (2 mins max )are on opposite sides - between Terminal & Short-Stay carpark.

Parking options at Darwin International
include 2 short- and 1 long-term parking carpark :
The 'Short-Stay Carpark' reached from Henry Wrigley Drive, is opposite of the Terminal; 
The Long-Stay Plus Carpark is past the terminal & Rental Car Returns, (also n Henry Wrigley Drive;
The 'Long-Term Saver Carpark'  is off Henry Wrigley Drive (turn right on Pedersen Rd.) -  with free shuttle service, and new covered footpath with lighting & CCTV surveillance.
At the entrance of the boom gate is the ticket dispenser (keep the ticket with you). You can pay by cash or credit card inside the terminal before returning to your car; or you can pay by credit card at the exit machines.

For more parking information call 1-800 814 823 or e-mail

NOTE:  The Caltex Eaton fuel-stop is available at t Exis Business Park, on Neal Street .

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