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Flying Delta from LSE to Denver (via MSP); connecting flight United to Durango. Can I get checked bag from baggage claim rechecked to United without going thru security again?
No, you have to exit security to transfer checked bags between airlines.
I am flying from DIA to Las Vegas on June 28th. My flight leaves at 5:30am. What time should I arrive to have enough time to get through security? I've never flown that early before and with all the trouble with the TSA lines I'm not sure how early I really need to be there. Is 3:30am early enough?
Yes, 3:30 should be plenty of time. There are few flights from DEN that depart that early in the morning.
When you have a connecting flight in Atlanta to Germany and we change terminals in Atlanta, do we check in Denver 2 hrs ahead or 3 hrs?
2 hours is fine. Also, you won't really have to change terminals in Atlanta.
I was wondering if united flights ever go to concourse A. I was just looking at the flight on Monday March 21 from Sioux Falls sd to Denver and it says it goes to west terminal gate A41. I thought all United flights go to concourse B. I need to know if I might have to go between concourse A and concourse B to catch another United flight.
Found a ring at Pike's Peak - ID it for its return. Don't know where else to post this.
Hi I was just wondering what are the best days to fly through the Denver airport? Are Wednesdays and Mondays easier to get through for crowds etc?
Monday is generally a very busy day. Wednesday is generally not that busy.
My 93 year old father will be flying into Denver tomorrow evening to meet up with my cousin. He doesn't hear well and doesn't fly often and has never been to the Denver airport. Does the airport or airline (United) offer any assistance to the elderly?
If he has mobility issues he or you can contact United and request wheelchair assistance. That's all that's offered officially.
I am meeting my son at the airport and was wondering if the baggage claim area would be a good meeting spot. (He is coming into terminal A and I am coming into terminal B. different airlines
Denver only has one terminal and one large baggage claim area. United is on one side and other airlines are on the other side. There is a fountain in the middle. You could meet by the fountain.
i arrive at 8AM tues 19th on southwest.then need to check in at american desk for flight to belize via dfw.i am assuming i need to go out of security and go through again?my flt leaves at 8.50 50 minutes enough time?i only have carry on luggage .thank you
Southwest does not fly to DFW! They fly to love field which is a different airport on the opposite side of town. You need to switch your southwest flight to the day before or book a flight into DFW for early that morning.
sorry no i fly to den with southwest.change at denver to american down to dfw.the question is for denver tranfer
i'm arriving to denver on frontier and leaving on united will my checked baggage be tranfered to united from frontier
You need to contact Frontier Airlines to find out if they transfer your bags at DEN to United Airlines.