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If my flight lands at 8:05, would I be able to get out of the airport on time for an 8:30 shuttle service back home?
On a domestic flight with no checked bags that is barely enough time if everything goes perfectly. It's probably insufficient if you have checked bags or if it's an international flight.
I will be taking the train from union station to the Denver airport. my airline is in Concourse A - East. How far is that from where I will get off at the train platform? How do I get there?
It's only a 150 foot walk from the train station building to the terminal. It should take less than 10 minutes to get to the check-in desk. Even less if you don't have any bags to check and check-in online and can go straight to the security checkpoint.
After picking up myluggage from american airlines where should my ride pick me up?
American uses Terminal West baggage claim.
What Terminal do I go to for a passenger pick up for Frontier Airlines?
Frontier uses the East baggage claim.
Part of the planned South Terminal Redevelopment Program at Denver Airport will be the RTD FasTracks commuter rail station, linking the Airport directly to Denver's city center, scheduled to be completed by 2016.