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will have carryon only.
Yes, that's possible if you check in for your Frontier flight online. You will arrive in concourse C and depart from Concourse A. They are connected inside security by the underground train.
We will be arriving from Cancun into Denver with a 2 hour layover before our next flight to Newark. Both flights are on United. I have a few questions.
1. Do we have to clear customs at Denver or can we wait till we reach our final destination... Newark.
2. What terminal do united flights from mexico arrive into Denver and are international and domestic united flights on the same terminal.
3. If we purchase duty free liquids at Cancun, can we bring them all the way to Newark, or would we need to check them in. I will be checking 2 bags from Cancun to Newark... Not sure if we will need to retrieve our luggage at Denver or will it be sent to our final destination of Newark.
We have 2 hours between flights. Do we have enough time to make the connection between an international arrival and a domestic departure.

Many thanks!
Yes, in Denver you will go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, go through security and to your departure gate. You will have to put your liquids into your checked baggage in Denver before you re-check your bags as you won't be able to bring it through security. You should have enough time.
Many thanks!
UA2418 connecting with UA1923 on June 10th has only a 55 min lay over is that enough time to make connection?
As long as the first flight is domestic that should be enough time. All you have to do in Denver is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
I am flying into Denver from Durango on United then Denver to Cancun, same airline. The DRO-DEN flight is very small and I will need to check my carry on at the door. Will I have time to reclaim it on the tarmac and make my connecting flight to CUN with a 55 min. Layover?
Yes, that should be enough time if the flight from Durango is on-time.
My mother-in-law is flying to Denver on Friday and will be making a connection to Nebraska. She has cancer/dementia and is confused/stressed easily. Does the airport have staff that can help her get to her connection? No need to stay with her, just get her to the gate.
You or she can request wheelchair service by calling her airline.
I have 55 minutes to get from A gates to B gates. Bags are checked through, so I don't have to collect them. Is that enough time? How do you get from one area to the other? Walk or tram?
Yes, that is enough time. They are only connected by the underground train.
I'm flying from Houston to Denver and then Denver to a small town in Wyoming. Separate airlines. I have exactly two hours between my arrival in Denver and departure in Denver. I believe I have to collect my checked bag, check in at the other airlines ticket counter, then go through security and to my gate. Is two hours really going to be enough time to basically check out and check back in to the airport?
What airlines are you flying? 2 hours should be enough time.
United and Denver Air Connection. But I literally have to collect my bags, go out of the secure area, then check back in and go through security again
OK, then yeah, that is just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Thank you, hope I make it! Lol
Going to Wamsutter?
I have a flight from Philadelphia to Denver on American and from Denver to Grand Junction on United - 1 1/2 hrs between flights. will my bags be checked all the way from Philadelphia to Grand junction?
Did you purchase two separate reservations or is everything on one reservation?
2 separate tickets
Then your bags will NOT be checked all the way to Grand Junction. You will have to claim them in Denver and re-check them with United and go through security, making this connection much more difficult.
What level is the train on in concourse b for United at Denver international airport?
It is underground, so down if you are in Concourse B.
So, if i hop the train after getting off the plane, will it take me straight to the main terminal on level 5 for baggage claim? Or will it stop at concourse A first?
It will stop at Concourse A, then it will go to the main terminal and you will go up an escalator to the baggage claim.
Thank you so very much, you've been a great help!
I have to change flights coming on United from PHX->DEN to Lufthansa going to Frankfurt. Have a 1hr layover. Is that sufficient to change terminals?
Denver only has one terminal. You just need to change concourses on the underground train. You have enough time if the flight from Phoenix is on-time.
Will this be sufficient even if I have to get new boarding passes for Lufthansa at Denver, as my first leg is through United?
United should be able to issue both boarding passes. If for some odd reason they can't you can get your Lufthansa boarding pass at the Lufthansa gate in Denver.