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  • tight connections
    Oct 6, 2016
    I am arriving Denver on PenAir and connecting to a Southwest flight. It looks like PenAir gates are on Terminal A and Southwest Terminal C. Is 50 min enough time to make my connection? Any suggestions are appreciated


    A and C are concourses, not Terminals. If you don't have checked bags that is enough time. With checked bags that is impossible.


  • Flight from Dulles A/P to Denver to Jackson Hole, Wyoming
    Sep 28, 2016
    We have a United flight from Dulles to Denver arriving at 10:19 am in Denver, and our connecting United flight to Jackson Hole boards at 10:45 am. I don't understand why the United website stated there's a 1 hr layover, when it seems like there's less than 30 minutes. Is it a time difference? More important, since they're both United flights, will the gate be in the same general area so that we don't miss our connecting flight?


    Yes, all United gates are on Concourse B. You have enough time if the flight from Dulles is anywhere close to on-time.


  • Flying from Canada and connecting in Denver
    Sep 23, 2016
    I am flying in from Toronto on Air Canada and have to connect to my United flight to San Francisco. What is the fastest way since I believe I must pass through customs before boarding my domestic flight? Is 50 minutes enough?


    You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Toronto. All you have to do in Denver is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. All concourses are connected inside security by the underground train. You have enough time.


    Great to hear. Thank you!


  • connecting flight
    Sep 20, 2016
    How do I get from security to Southwest? I'll have all my bags as I'm connecting from Boutique to Southwest.


    You take the underground train from just past the security checkpoint to Concourse C.


    Sep 20, 2016
    Is 40 minutes enough to connect from an incoming Santa Fe fight on United Express to a United fight to SFO?


    Yes, that is enough time if the first flight is on-time. All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate, both on Concourse B.


  • connections
    Sep 19, 2016
    Is 45 mins. long enough to connect from Cedar Rapids on United CUN on United?


    Yes, that is enough time if your flight from Cedar Rapids is on-time. All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate, both on Concourse B.


  • 40 minute layover in Denver?
    Sep 19, 2016
    Flying from Bozeman to Denver and then Denver to PVR, both are united flights. A 40 minute layover should be ok, right??


    Yes, that is enough time if your flight from Bozeman is on-time. All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.


  • United to American
    Sep 18, 2016
    Looks like I have to go from B (United) To A (American). I have 35 minutes. This is the only way I can make it to my brothers wedding. Do I have at least a 20 % chance of making the connection? I will not have any checked bags and am traveling with just the clothes on my back.


    Yes, you'd have at least a 20% chance if you checked in for your AA flight online before you left on your first flight.


  • Connecting flights in Denver
    Sep 16, 2016
    I am arriving from NWK to Denver flight UA523 at 2:36 Departing at 3:10 flight UA4728. With a 34 minute layover how do I navigate this? I am hoping the gates are close.


    Is "NWK" Newark? If so the code is EWR. Yes, this is possible, all United gates are on concourse B.


    Yes from Newark. I guess that the airline wouldn't offer this combination if it wasn't possible.


  • American and United terminal interconnected
    Sep 14, 2016
    Hi, I have american airlines flight at 1:30 AM. Since I will be at airport by 5:00 PM and I have United club pass, just wanted to check if AA and United terminals are interconnected or I have to go through security check again


    Denver only has one terminal and all gates are connected inside security.


    Thanks !!


  • Enough Time
    Sep 14, 2016
    Hour and half enough time if both flights are United?


    Yes, if the first flight is domestic that is plenty of time. if the first flight is international it's just enough time.


  • Customs and connections
    Sep 12, 2016
    we are looking to fly into denver from cancun on Frontier then depart on a delta flight. is 1 hour 45 minutes enough time to go thru customs and make it to terminal c? And we are traveling the wednesday before Thanksgiving.


    Realistically no, I don't think that's enough time, especially if you have checked bags.


  • United Flights that are DBA
    Sep 5, 2016
    I'm flying into Denver with United operated by /TRANS STATES AIRLINES DBA UNITED EXPRESS and then flying out with United operated by /SKYWEST DBA UNITED EXPRESS. Just wanted to make sure that these DBA United Express airlines would both use Concourse/gate B since they are doing business as united.


    Yes, both are on B, and in particular, the high numbered end of B.


  • Canada skiplagged
    Aug 25, 2016
    We have to fly into Denver from Calgary, Canada, and skip our connection to San Francisco and stay in Denver. Are the bags checked through or is there an opportunity to pick them up and take them with us?


    If both flights are on United then you just have to go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Calgary. what airlines are you flying?


  • 2 one-way flights
    Aug 25, 2016
    Flying in on Alaska. 1 hour later flying out on United to Cancun. No checked bags. Do I have enough time to catch 2nd flight, assuming my first flight is early or on time?


    Yes, but note that due to the fact that the second flight is international you may not be able to check in for it online, if that's the case you'll have to run to the United gate to check in.


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