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  • Transfer time
    Jan 4, 2013
    I have the option between two flights getting into DEN. I will be transiting to another flight to Dulles and from there to Dubai. I will also have a small child with me. So I have the option of a 1 hour 15 connection or a 2 hour 23 minute connection. Is the first connection enough time? I would prefer more time in Dulles than in Denver.


    If you are a domestic arrival at DEN 75 mins is plenty of time for transfer. If you are an internationa arrival, you will need to spend between 35-50 mins through FIS & US Customs at north end of Terminal, at level 5 and thereafter re-check-in your bags before proceeding to your connecting gate. Beware: not all airlines transfer bags to the next departing airline - make sure yours does, otherwise you would have to re-check-in your bag with the next airline before proceeding to your gate. I suggest you open then click on 'Terminal Map' under QUICK LINKS and scroll down to the detailed text for connections, airlines, concourses and gates.


  • international connecting flight
    Dec 30, 2012
    WE have 1 hour in denver, connecting from YQR Canada to CUN, mexico with 58 minutes. Do we have to clear customs and security? Is it enough time?


    As YQR does not have US customs clearance, you need, on arrival at DEN, go through FIS & US Customs at the north end of the Main Terminal at Level 5, where they need to retrieve their checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if connecting to another flight, take the AGTS underground train to their departure gate area. Also, check with your first airline if it transfers your bags to the connecting airline (if different airlines used) - if not, you need to take your bag after customs clearance and re-check it in with your connecting airline before proceeding to your next flight. You may arrive at and depart from, either A gates 24-68, B gates B15-95, or C gates C28-50. Your boarding pass & the overhead screens will indicate flight numbers & gates. Hurry - not much time allowance for late arrival.


  • Security between C and B?
    Dec 11, 2012
    Trying to judge a quick transfer between Concourses C and B. Arriving in C and departing out of B, do I have to go through security? If so, where, and any idea of how busy it is around Sunday 9AM?


    1. The Jeppesen Terminal has, past security check, Concourses A, B & C each with access to the gates. On arrival at Concourse C, walk towards the exit of the concourse, then walk over to Concourse B, wich has gates west B15 to B37; gates east B38 to B60, branching into north gates B59 to B79, and south gates B80 to B95. Sunday morning is usually not that crowded.


    I am flying in on United, presumably to Concourse C. Two questions: 1. I can walk to Concourse B, or do I have to take the train? (which is faster?) 2. Is there a Security Check going into Concourse B? (Sorry- just trying to be clear)


  • flight operated by a different airline
    Nov 9, 2012
    My Frontier flight says it is "Operated by Republic Airlines" does this mean the flight is still in concourse A with the other Frontier flights?


    Yes, your flight will be at Concourse A at Denver Airport.


  • distance between united gates 18 & 90?
    Oct 29, 2012
    just curious, I ran the distance between United gates18 & 90, wondering what the distance is?


  • help with connection B79 to B92
    Oct 28, 2012
    Travel tomorrow is messed up due to flight crew delay. Right now we will get to Denver at B79....flying out of Gate B92 to Vancouver. Due to Delay we get in at 11:16 (as of now) and supposed to leave at 11:34. I have been on hold with United for 3 hrs. is this even possible


    As of 10/28, 8:42am Denver time, I see no special announcement on the Denver Airport site. I suggest you open ad input your info there.


  • 35 minutes!!!
    Oct 19, 2012
    I only have 35 minutes for a connection. I will be arriving from fargo on a united flight and trying to catch a flight to frankfurt germany, also on a united flight but it says operated by lufthansa. Is this enough time?


    also these are united flights 5659 from fargo and united flight 8879 to frankfurt


    On arrival at DEN, look at the overhead screen to find your connecting flight number: As a rule, the operating Airline determines the gate location - in this case Lufthansa, which uses Concourse A (Concourse A has gates A24-39 & A40-68), while United uses Concourse B (Concourse B has gates west B15 to B37; gates east B38 to B60, branching into north gates B59 to B79, and south gates B80 to B95). To get from A to B you will need to take the underground (pre-security) AGTS train which arrives /departs in the center of the Concourses. If you need to change Concourses, 35 minutes is only possible if your incoming flight is on time and you can really move fast.


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