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  • time/distance between terminal a & b
    Aug 14, 2013
    Arriving on Amercian/terminal A. I have 1 hour before leaving on United flight to St George, Ut terminal B. Is that enough time


    Yes, you can get between them in less than 20 minutes.


  • 36 minutes
    Aug 12, 2013
    Last message was Denver Terminal B Arrival SB must get to IND departure gate with wheel chair help? 36 minutes to that flight! Thanks


    So if you're in B then both flights are on United? Yes, you should have enough time. Everything will be on the same concourse.


  • Distance SB arrival to Ind departure
    Aug 12, 2013
    I have 36 minutes to get IND departure from SB arrival, which number gates are they? IND Indianapolis SB Santa Barbara


    What Airline are you flying? Both Frontier and United fly those routes.


  • SWA transfer to Icelandair
    Aug 10, 2013
    I'm flying into DEN on SWA and transferring to Icelandair with a 2:40 layover. I'm not checking any baggage. Will I have to go through security again?


    No, you can take the underground train between concourses (C to A) without going through security.


  • Do i have to go thru security
    Jul 25, 2013
    if i arrive on frontier domestic flight and depart on icelandic going to reykjavic - both which are concourse A - do i have to go thru security or can i just stay iin concourse A and go to gate


    No, you do not have to go through security.


  • connection time
    Jul 23, 2013
    I am arriving on Frontier at 11:35 and leaving on Jet Blue at 11:59. Is this enough time to make it


    Yes you have enough time, as both airlines use Concourse A, which has gates A24 - A39 and A40 - A68 on either side of the center.


    You can make the connection if you don't have a checked bag. Frontier and JetBlue don't interline baggage. Also it's very tight and if your Frontier flight is delayed JetBlue probably won't be able to help you and you'll be stuck in Denver.


  • help
    Jul 2, 2013
    arriving at gate b 15 and departing b 47 with 50 fast should I tell my husband to move?


    It should take less than 10 minutes to get between those gates.


  • Time between gates
    Jun 29, 2013
    Arriving gate B16 depart B69 DIA . Anybody know the estimated time it will take . I have less than 30 min.


    At DEN, the B gates are currently served by United & US Airways. Concourse B has gates B15 - B37 and B38 - B60 with extensions to both gates B80 - B95 and B59 - B79 on either side of the center. Hurry!


  • Zsa zsa
    Jun 17, 2013
    Non revving thru DEN connecting on ZK to RIW. What airline should I non rev into DEN on so that my bag has the best interline connection transfer chance to make it? Who works ZK in DEN?


    If you're non-revving you can't check a bag through to a different airline.


    Isn't it an FAA regulation to check bags as the passenger is their final destination?


    Or is it because I'm not confirmed? ZK does have ticketing and baggage agreements with other airlines. Is two hours enough time to claim and recheck?


    When you're non-revving you aren't ticketed to your final destination on a single ticket if you're using two different airlines. 2 Hours will probably be enough time. You could also jam your stuff in a carry on like most non-revs do. It will be gate checked on the ZK flight. Use whatever airline to get to DEN that you have the best chance getting on (assuming you're non-revving on your first flight as well). Where are you coming from? You'll easily get on as a nonrev on the DEN-RIW flight but if load factors from most places to DEN are very high and it could be tough to get on, especially as a ZED/ID-90 employee.


  • Connections and time
    Jun 11, 2013
    I am flying UA and arriving at B gate 41 and need to depart at B gate 90 which seems to be apart from the main concourse. Can I make it in 50 minutes. I am not a speedy walker, will be traveling alone and am afraid I have to navigate steps and the outside. Can I make it in the 55 minutes?


    Concourse B just forks at the end where B90 is, it's still part of B that you can easily walk to. Your transfer shouldn't take more than 10-15 minutes.


    Are there steps involved or does it just fork?


    You do go down a level, but I'm sure there's an escalator and/or elevator. DEN is a fairly new airport and I'm sure it's very accessible. If you're really worried you can request wheelchair assistance by calling United.


  • Connecting in Denver to Vancouver
    May 12, 2013
    If I fly in on United UA1195 from Austin arriving at 10:30 & fly out on UA 323 at 11:26 am is 56 minutes enough time to connect? From what I have read I don't think I will go through customs until I re-enter the US from Canada. Will I have to go through the Jeppesen Terminal at Denver?


    United uses Concourse B (B gates) All you need to do is look for signs to your connecting gate. Only international arrivals, except those coming from airports with US pre-clearance, need to go through customs. You have enough time.


  • Roast Beef Sandwich
    Apr 28, 2013
    As rare and delicious as one could hope for


  • 42 min concourse B t o A
    Apr 25, 2013
    Arriving Den 10:23 concourse B gate B31, leaving Air Canada 11:05 concourse A gate A43. If on time , is 40 min sufficient time to make it?.


    If your first flight is on-time you should be OK. You won't have to go through any security.


  • Frontier Airlines?
    Apr 25, 2013
    Flying Frontier Airlines 619/787 (IND to DEN to LAS) with only a 40 min layover. I *have* to get back to Vegas on the day of my flight (there is one later Frontier flight out of DEN that day) - but will I make my connection?


    All the Frontier gates at Denver are close together so as long as your first flight is on-time you should be OK.


  • 38 minutes to change flights
    Apr 13, 2013
    Arriving on United 1689 and departing on United 485 with 38 minutes from arriving to departure . . .enough time?


    At DEN, United uses Concourse B of the Jeppesen Terminal. Concourse B has gates B15 - B37 and B38 - B60 with extensions to both gates B80 - B95 and B59 - B79. 38 mins. transfer time should suffice.


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