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My stepdaughter is wheelchair bound and will arrive in Denver Airport alone. Can it be arranged to have someone meet her so that she may have some assistance in getting her luggage and a taxi?
Two of us are traveling to Portland, Me. with an hour layover in Newark. How do I make arrangements for help in getting us to our connecting flight to Portland. We both have mobility issues.
If you need wheelchair assistance you need to contact Your airline and request it.
We are traveling to Portland Me and will have a layover in Newark. The longer leg of the trip from Denver to Newark we have Economy Plus and then the short leg is just Economy. Are we able to have carry-ons on both legs of the trip or only on the longer leg to Newark?
That depends on the type of aircraft flying your Portland-Newark route.
What is the status for the powe outage on concorse B?
Hi there. I am flying from Canada and have a 1h 5m layover in DEN on my way to Puerto Vallarta. Will this be enough time to clear customs, collect and re-check baggage, and then get through security again? I am flying on Wed May 3 and land in DEN at 9am. If no, can you offer any advice that can help us get through faster? Thanks!
Where in Canada are you coming from? Most places in Canada have US Immigration and Customs Preclearance, meaning all you have to do in Denver is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
I am flying this weekend by myself. I am unable to stand for more than 5-10 minutes without sitting. How do I get access to the disabled line for security screening. When I was in Denver last month I almost missed my flight due to my disability and the normal screening line.
You have to request wheelchair assistance to use that line. You request this by calling your airline and requesting it.
I'll be arriving in Denver from Houston. Then, I'll have one hour to catch another flight to Vancouver. Is it doable? Do I need to change terminals? Thanks in advance
Denver only has one terminal. Both gates will almost definitely be on concourse B, but all gates are connected inside security.
I'm arriving on Southwest and will be leaving for Iceland on Icelandair. What train, level, etc do I take? I need to go the the Icelandair ticket counter to check my bag.
You need to take the train to the main terminal to claim your bag from Southwest then go up to the departure level to check your bags with Icelandair, then go through security and take the train to your departure gate on Concourse A.
I"m flying from SFO to MSP via DEN. I have 50 min layover with frontier airlines. Would LOVE to hop over to B terminal to get food at ModMarket. I have food allergies so it's very difficult to find food I can eat and will be racing from work to catch my flight. that said, I don't want to miss my connection so would rather go hungry than miss my connection! which is the last of the day.
A and B are just concourses. I really doubt you'll have time.
I will be flying into Denver on a Frontier flight getting in at 8:13 am and then leaving out on a Delta flight at 10:29 am to Lax. I have 1 checked luggage. Will I have enough time to catch the Delta flight to LA. Does this mean I will have to pick up my luggage from baggage claim and then recheck it and go back through security.
Yes, you will have to go to the main terminal, claim your bags, re-check them with Delta, go through security and to your departure gate. You have just enough time if everything goes perfectly.