Parking Options at Detroit Metropolitian Airport

If you need to pick up a passenger from the Airport, use one of the free Cell Phone Waiting Lots located near the Airport entrances from  I-94 and I-275--stay with your car until your party calls you to be picked up at the curb. The passenger bridge on the upper level leads to parking and ground transportation center.
EV Free Plug-in Electric Vehicle charging stations: two on level 8 of McNamara Garage and two on level 4 of Big Blue Deck by the North Terminal.

Other Parking options and fees at the McNamara and at the North Terminal vicinity: (The parking hotline 24/7 is 800-642-1968):

The McNamara Garage
with 11,500 spaces offers Short- and Long-term, as well as Valet parking. Luggage check-in service and E-Ticket kiosks are on level 6. An enclosed pedestrian bridge connects the garage and the terminal on level 6 of the garage.
  - Valet Parking Fees: First 2 hours $12, for each following hour add $4, 7-8 hrs $36; 8-24 hrs $38.
  - Short-term
: first 30 mins $4, first hr $6, 1-1.5 hrs $7; 1.5-2 hrs $8; each add'l hr is $4, up to 7 hrs $28; 7-24 hrs $31.
  - Daily: first 30 mins $4; first hr $6; 1.5-2 hrs $8; each add'l hr $4 up to 5 hrs $20;  5-24 hrs $23; each add'l day $23 flat rate.
The North Terminal's Big Blue Deck, connected to the North Terminal via moving walkway on Level 4, with 6,500 spaces, offers short- & long-term parking. A free shuttle service runs freuently between North Terminal & McNamara Terminal's ground transportation center - look for sign 'Terminal to Terminal /Big Blue Deck Shuttle' (tel.. 800-377-1032).
  - Short-term:  first 30 mins $4, 1 hr $6, 1.5 hrs $7, 2 hrs $8, each hr thereafter $4, up to 7 hours $28; 7-24 hrs $31.
  - Daily: first 30 mins 4, full hr $6, 1-1.5 hrs. $7, 1.5-2 hrs $8, 2-3 hrs $12; 3-24 hrs $13; each add'l day $13.
 add $4 for each hr up to 7 hrs at $28; 7-24 hrs. $29.
Green surface lots 1 & 2 are for long-term parking.  (If Lot 1 is still under maintenance, use lot 2).
Fees:  daily flat rate of $11.

Payment options: The '1,2,3 Park' automated entry/exit system is now available to everyone at the Yellow and Green Lots, Blue Deck and Short-Term parking areas, and at McNamara Terminal Parking Garage.

For more parking information, call the DTW parking hotline at 1-800-642-1978.

Detroit Metropolitian (DTW) Airport Parking Map

Detroit Metropolitian DTW airport parking map Long TermLong Term

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