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  • Layover
    May 18, 2015
    My international flight KLM will arrive Detroit at 12 19pm and the connecting flight to Columbus is at 1 57pm which is delta operated by shuttle America ...will this 1hour 38mins enough for the immigration ?


    Yes, that should be enough time if the first flight is on-time.


    Thanks for the reply..and do we have to recheckin the baggage in the detriot airport


    Yes, in Detroit you will go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, then re-check your bags at the transfer desk, then go through security and to your departure gate.


    Thank you...are you sure in each and every case this would apply?..because when I call the KLM customer care they give variety of answers each time like you don't have to collect your baggage at Detroit ,it reaches your final destination and other customer care representative says you have to recheck in the baggage...this is the reason I am confused :(


    Everyone arriving on an International flight into Detroit has to collect their baggage to go through US Customs. Anyone who tells you otherwise is misinformed.


    Thanks for your's a great help


  • international transferred to domestic layover
    May 15, 2015
    i am flying from Shanghai to Baltimore, I have a layover in Detroit. My flight got delayed 3 hours so I will arrive in Detroit through Delta 582 at 9:15pm and transfer to 679 Delta 679, which leaves around 9:55pm. Is 40 minutes enough time since it is international flight transferring to domestic? Thanks!


    No, it isn't under normal circumstances. However, that late immigration and customs at DTW will be empty and security lines should be short. So you have a chance of making it. Especially if the flight to Baltimore is delayed a little bit.


  • Will 38 mins layover be enough?
    May 13, 2015
    I will fly from Chicago Midway with Delta 4832 arrive at Detroit 2.42 PM and will fly from Detroit with Delta 1486 at 3.20 PM to Washington DC. Will I have enough time to reach my next flight? And what about my loaded luggage?


    That should be enough time if your first flight is on-time. All Delta gates in DTW are in the McNamara Terminal and connected inside security. It obviously doesn't leave much time to spare if your flight from Chicago is delayed.


  • 30 minute layover
    May 10, 2015
    flying into DTW from CLT on D2830 at 11:30a then departing to SEA on D281 at 12:00p. Is 30 minutes enough transfer time? Thank you.


    That is barely enough time if your first flight is on-time.


  • Is 1hr enough to make connection to DL583?
    Apr 9, 2015
    My wife and I are traveling with two young kids to make connection from DL3319 to DL583 in May, with exactly 1 hr to make connection. Will that be enough? Also, on our way back, we will have 1hr30min to make connection including US Customs/immigration. Anyone had any experience or knowledge on this one? Big thanks in advance!


    Yes, both connection times should be sufficient.


  • Layover
    Apr 2, 2015
    I am flying from Columbus Ohio to Detroit. I land on Delta 4138 at 11:15 and I fly out of Detroit to Fort Lauderdale on Delta 2227 at 12.00 Will I have enough time to get to my next flight


    Yes, that should be enough time. All Delta flights at DTW are connected inside security. You may arrive in the B or C concourse which is connected the A concourse will you depart by an underground tunnel.


  • International Connection in Detroit
    Mar 29, 2015
    I will be flying from Denver to Frankfurt with an hour layover in Detroit on may 12th. I am flying united to Detroit and Lufthansa to Frankfurt. Is one hour layover enough time to change planes?


    Yes, that should be enough time. The United gate will be right next to the Lufthansa gate in the low numbered end of the North Terminal and all you have to do is walk from gate to gate.


  • 44 minute layover in Detroit?
    Feb 21, 2015
    On Friday I am DL6003 from Pittsburgh at 1:30 and then will be arriving in Detroit at 2:50. My connecting flight a DL0159 to Incheon, South Korea will depart from Detroit at 3:34 PM. Will this be enough time for me to make it to my connecting flight in Detroit? Will I have to go through security again? Thanks.


    All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. Both will be in the McNamara Terminal. No security required.


  • customs, baggage claim, layover time concern. Connecting from Toronto
    Nov 24, 2014
    Hi, I will be taking Expressjet Dba Delta Connection (Flight 5311) from Toronto Pearson to DTW where i will be connecting to Delta (Flight 159) to go to Korea. Will the layover time of 54min give me enough time to transfer? From which terminal to which do I have to go? Do I need to go through customs, immigration and baggage claim?


    You will preclear US Immigration and Customs in Toronto. In Detroit, all you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. Both flights will be in the McNamara Terminal and all gates there are connected inside security. You have enough time if your first flight is on-time.


  • connecting time enough?
    Nov 8, 2014
    Delta fight 6016 to 3605 there only 32mins of layover time! is it enough?


    Yes, however it obviously leaves very little time to spare for delays.


  • Enough time?
    May 10, 2014
    My parents are travelling from Dallas to Berlin with layovers in Detroit and Amsterdam. The flight from Dallas to Detroit is operated by Endeavor Air, the flight from Detroit to Amsterdam by Delta. Do my parents have to claim their baggage in Detroit and re-check it for the flight to Amsterdam? Is 90 minutes between the flights enough for people of age 60+ for the layover in Detroit?


    1. As Endeavor Air is a subsidiary of Delta, bags will be automatically transferred at Detroit. 2. For details of the McNamara Terminal, open, then click on 'Terminal Map' under 'QUICK LINKS', and scroll down to the text. 3. Arrivals at AMS from a non-Schengen (foreign) country: passports will be checked upon arrival at, and departure from, Amsterdam Airport. On arrival, after passport control, follow signs to 'Baggage Hall' located on the ground level, retrieve bags, go through customs; then proceed to ticket control and security check to connecting 'Schengen' gate. AMS is easy to make transfers - just follow signs. ( P.S. 60+ is yesterday's 50+!)


  • DL 252 to DL 1622 - 40 min layover - enough time?
    Sep 21, 2014
    Is there enough time at DTW to get from DL 252 to DL 1622 with only a 40 min layover?


    Yes, both flights will be on the A concourse of the McNamara Terminal.


    Not always. For Endeavor leaving Dayton, Ohio arriving DTW my CJ plane gated at Concourse A instead Concourse C. It was unusual Sunday, and it did saved my hurdle for international connection. Always look at the monitor and/or listen cabin P/A upon landing.


  • Do I have enough time for connection?
    Mar 29, 2014
    Taking Delta flight 3472 from OKC connecting with Delta flight 5015 to ORF. Has 52 minute layover. Is that enough time to connect?


    Yes, that should be enough time. All Delta gates at DTW are connected inside security and both of your flights will likely use the B/C concourse.


  • is an hour enough to connect from domestic to international flight
    Jan 20, 2014
    DL 961(MCI) to DL 583(PVG)


    Yes, all you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate, which will both be located on concourse A of the McNamara Terminal.


    what a relief! Thanks!


  • International arrival to Kansas city layover time 1hour 20 min?
    Nov 3, 2013
    My sister and brother in law are visiting us from Korea traveling with delta, and layover time is only 80min from DTW to Kansas City. I know they have to go thru custom, recheck baggage and more stuff before even get to the gate to KC. Is 80min enough for all that? They are 1st time flyers to US, so I am very worried.


    After customs clearance & baggage re-check the tunnel connects in the center between Concourse A (near gate 38) and Concourses B & C (at Gates C1 of the lower level). They have sufficient time for transfer.


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