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  • Connecting in Detroit to Atlanta
    Sep 30, 2013
    My mom is a first time flyer. She is flying Delta airlines. She is flying into Detroit and going to Atlanta and she will only have 43 minutes to find her gate and terminal. Does she have enough time?


    Delta uses the McNamara Terminal of DTW, which has Concourses A, B & C (with corresponding gates) - tunnel connects in the center between Concourse A (near gate 38) and Concourses B & C (at Gates C1 of the lower level). On arrival, she should look at the overhead screens and find her connecting flight number & gate; then follow signs to the connecting Concourse. 43 mins should be enough.


  • Where do I pick up my Dog?
    Aug 26, 2013
    Flying on Lufthansa w/pet in cargo arriving DTW. Where do I pick up my dog?


    You can ask the Lufthansa agent that greets your flight when it arrives, but I assume it will be delivered after immigration but before customs, directly to you (not on the belt).


  • where come through customs
    Aug 23, 2013
    I am picking someone up who is flying from Korea into DTW. He will then transfer to a flight to Philadelphia. Where will he come through customs (I am trying to figure out if I meet him at customs in Philadelphia or will he be coming in through normal baggage claim)


    He will clear immigration in Detroit. His arrival into Philadelphia will be at the domestic baggage claim for whatever airline he is flying.


  • bagage claim
    Jul 11, 2013
    we`re changing from a domestic flight on to an international flight. we have 1.15 hours. do we have to collect our Luggage and bring it somewhere else?


    Are both of your flights on Delta and booked on the same reservation? If so you will not have to do anything with your baggage in Detroit.


    yes, both delta flights and booked on the same reservation. but I checked the delta website and it said you allways have to collect your Luggage. so now I`m not sure. I dont want it left behind


    When going International -> Domestic you have to claim your baggage. When going Domestic -> International you do not, and in fact, cannot as the baggage will be transfered automatically.


  • Want to know do I need to tranfer in two terminal
    Jul 7, 2013
    I will from China to DTW then tranfer to Elimira Corning, NY . two line all for Delta airline . Want to konw if i need to take the shuttle from McNamara to North terminal


    No, all Delta flights use the McNamara terminal.


  • International to domestic
    May 5, 2013
    My parents are flying Delta from China. I will meet them in DTW, and 3 of us then fly to Providence on Delta again after 3 hours. Instead of dropping off their baggages after customs, could my parents just take their baggages and meet me outside the international arrival pickup place, and re-check their bags in counter? My parents don't speak English, so I am looking for the least confusing strategy for them.


    Delta is in Terminal E. As international arrivals at DTW, your parents need to go through passport check, pick up bags, & go through customs clearance. With their bags in tow, they can exit the terminal & meet you outside - or proceed to the Arrivals hall and meet up at the information counter.


    DTW doesn't have a "Terminal E". I think what he's asking is can they re-check their bags at the regular re-check counter on the upper level rather than the international re-check at the exit to immigration. I think the answer is yes, but I'm not 100% sure. It probably won't be too hard for them to use the international re-check - there are likely even signs in Chinese.


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