Parking Options at Dublin Airport

To drop off a passenger in front of Terminal 1, use the R132, make a left onto the new road taking you past the new T2 to T1.
If you pick up a passenger, you need to park in the short-term parking area.

Parking options at Dublin Airport:  Parking is available at three multi-storey short-term garages for both Terminals 1 & 2 - all offer the option of drive-up or do online booking.  Long-term parking Blue, Green & Red are served by a free shuttle buses running every 10-20 mins (for Red at Zone 9 taking 5 mins; for Blue at Zone 8 taking 10 mins).

1.Two Short-term Garages A & C are available within minutes of Terminals 1 & 2,
2. A Short-term Surface Lot is within 5-6 minutes of the terminals.
3. The Long-term Blue Carpark has its entrance on R108, while the
4. Express Long-Term Red Carpark is off R32.
5. Express Long-Term Green Carpark (opposite the Red carpark has 2,200 spaces; it is the first one when entering from M1.

GPS Coordinates:
Short Term A: 53.42740, -6.24140;  Short Term C: 53.42891, -6.24254;  Terminal 2 Short Term: 53.42700, -6.23885;  Long Term Red: 53.42335, -6.22923;  Long Term Blue: 53.41937, -6.27648

For more parking information call within Ireland 01- 814 4828; outside Ireland +343 1 814 4828  or visit  or /short-term

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