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Arrive Dublin at 5:25 AM connecting to Ryan Air To Liverpool departing at 7:05AM same day. Is this enough time to connect? 1 checked bag from USA to Dublin. What terminal is Ryan Air in at Dublin airport? Is this a doable timeframe? Thank you, EA
Arrive dublin t2 from us.at 5:25; have to connect Ryanair for 7:05 t1 ,flight to Seville, will be carrying luggage. Will I have enough time since I also have to go through passport and security again?
I Am landing in Dublin at 4:55 am, from US. Will need to clear customs and re check in for Ryan air flight at 6:30 am. No checked bags. I know I'm going from terminal 2 to terminal 1. Does anyone have an idea if I can make this connection?
Our flight will be arriving at terminal 1 early at 5:15am via aerlingus and my connecting flight to Barcelona is at 6:20am via aerlingus. Do I have to go through the border control? Where do I connect my flight? Is it going to be terminal 1 or 2?
You will not have to go through border control, just go to your departure gate.
Arriving 5:15 am DUB from Chicago 12/15/17. Looking to see if booking a flight from DUB to FLR on Air France at 6:00 am is doable. We are not checking bags - carry-on. I know this is a tight connect but hoping to omit the 6+ hour layover in DUB for next flight at 1:50 pm. Thanks for the input and advise.

Flying from LHR to DUB with BA, landing at 09.55, to pick up an Aer Lingus flight to SFO at 12.30. Have to do passport control/baggage collection/check-in and (I think) US visa pre-check. Does 2.35 hours give me enough time? Thanks.
I am traveling from the U.S. to DUB on Norwegian Airlines and on a separate ticket I am traveling to Copenhagen. My flight arrives DUB at 8:10 am and the second flight departs DUB to CPH at 10:50 am on Ryanair. I am only traveling with a carry-on.
I noticed that the two airlines are in the same terminal but since it is two separate plane tickets do I have to go through any security or immigration? Is there any special paperwork I would need filled out in order to board the plane to Copenhagen?
And is the layover enough time to get to the gate?
Before i purchase the second ticket to CPH I want to make sure that the connection time is reasonable. Thank you.
I will be flying Aer Lingus from Manchester to Dublin, arriving at 9:05 AM, on a Sunday. I will be connecting to a Delta Flight to the US at 10:50 AM. Is that enough time? Where do I go through US Immigration?
Hello! We are traveling into DUB via American Airlines, the connecting to Bristol via Aer Lingus. We arrive to DUB, TML 2 at 0840 and depart to BRS, TML 2 at 1035. Are there any suggestions with regard to baggage (my husband and I are each checking one bag), security, etc. I've never switched airlines in one day, and I fear we won't have enough time to get from one gate to the other. We have to go through customs, pick up our bags, and go through security again (or I assume). Any advice is appreciated!
Hi. I'm traveling to Dublin (Ryanair FR7073), arriving at Terminal 1 at 15h10. Then I have a connection flight to UK (AerLingus EI3244) departing at terminal 2, 16h40. I’m traveling with kids and have only hand luggage. I will check online before flight.
Can I follow “connection flights” between terminals and avoid border control delays?
Is this enough time? 90min.
Thank you
You have to go through border control in Dublin because you are entering the Ireland/UK common border area in Dublin.
I am checking in with Etihad in T1 Dublin but need to go to T2 for my tax back and back to T1 again for departure. How do I do this and how long will it take?