Transportation to/from Dusseldorf Airport:  Note that the Dusseldorf Airport Station - from which over 350 trains arrive & depart daily - is at the eastern end of Airport grounds - connected to the terminal via SkyTrain.

    SkyTrain monorail runs every 3 to 7 mins, 3:45am-12:45am, and connects Dusseldorf Airport's railway station to the passenger terminal; on its way back it stops at P4, P5 & P6 parking facilities.  No luggage carts can be taken onboard. Ticket vending machines are at the SkyTrain stations.
During non-operational hours, a shuttle bus will take over with 20-min intervals. SkyTrain makes 2 stops within the passenger terminal, above the Departures level: (a) Terminal A/B; (b) Terminal C. 
    Dusseldof Airport Railway Station is located on a major axis of the European railway system, with over 350 ICCE, IC, EC & regional trains.  
    Subway Line S11: The tram, stops at the Dusseldorf Airport Terminal's tram station and proceeds to Bergisch Gladbach.
    Bus 721 runs to the city.  The bus station is in front of central Arrivals. 

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